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10 things most of us miss about the old school mobile phones

Many people still think old school mobile phone were better than the newer smart mobile phone. Researchers discovered a year ago that 24 percent of mobile phone owners favored their older, less difficult handset to the most recent smartphones. Before the smartphone era, our mobile phone had just two options – call and text. They fit pleasantly into your pocket, have batteries that last almost a week and are almost indestructible. What else do we miss about the old school mobile phones?

Leaving your mobile at home didn’t matter


Forgetting your mobile at home was not such a major ordeal some time recently. Alright, you went out. However you’ll have a fabulous time with your companions, anyway, what difference does it make? Today, on the off chance that we go some place without our mobile… It can be awkward.

Old mobiles were much more durable

old mobile durability

Old school phones can be thrown, and nothing would happen to it, wouldn’t even leave a dent. Currently a slight knock to the phone and the screen shatters.

Battery life was way much better


You’d only need to charge a phone once or twice a week because the battery life was so good. There was no need for a power bank. Phones today don’t even last 6 hours, that’s why external power banks are selling like hot cakes.

Text message was the only option for messaging


SMS was the main way to send text, and it cost about 20 cents per SMS. Now, everyone uses a free mobile application such as WhatsApp or WeChat to message each other.

It used to be a luxury Item, not necessity

lusury mobile

Handphone used to be a luxury item where each family may only own up to one mobile phone. Now, they have turned into a necessity. Each family member has at least a mobile phone each, some even own 2 or 3 devices – for work and personal respectively.

Smaller the size more the price, opposite today


Previously the smaller the size, the higher the price.  However, the total opposite condition applies now. Someone, please tell me what’s going on?

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Texting while driving was easier though its bad

texting without looking

Texting while driving was not really an issue previously because you can feel the buttons. Texting while driving now is really dangerous because it is all touch screen! Do not text and drive unless its an older phone (even its dangerous with older mobile).

Miss Calling was more often

miss call

When you give miss call somebody, it’s to let them know that you need them to call back you of the fact that your mobile doesn’t have any more credit. At the end of the day, you are being modest! Alternately there is additionally another trust that you give miss call somebody to tell them that you missed them.

Mobile wasn’t your best friend but today


Most of us miss, when a mobile phone was really a “mobile phone” and not your mate you gaze at all the time without minding others feeling.

Less Dependent

smartphone dependency

Mobiles have turned into some individuals’ motivation for getting up in the morning. Keep in mind when your companions really existed in a physical form in the room and not a pic on the social network. We know lots of people that would not last most than 3 days on an abandoned island without their smartphone today.

source: tallypress.comhypeorlando.com

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