11 quick and interesting dark lessons you may not know

Image credit – Bob Gorrell
  1. You are more likely to kill yourself from a breakup than to be killed by ISIS
  2. The more you care about someone’s opinion of you, the less they think of you.
  3. Your unwillingness to make a mistake is the biggest mistake
  4. Most people will never accomplish their dreams, and most who do are still not happy
  5. People’s perception of you is more important than reality, perception is what makes someone guilty not the facts
  6. You are the person you’ve chosen to be – so it’s your fault if you don’t like who you see in the mirror
  7. If you’re a minority man, you will be handicapped on online dating (Go talk to women in real life)
  8. We tend to value people who don’t think we’re important and take for granted those who do
  9. People spend their entire lives wishing they were older until the day they spend the rest of their lives wishing they were younger
  10. The world could become a utopia but most people won’t be happy because their minds won’t let them be
  11. One day you will never be able to hear your loved one’s voice again – so call them today! 

By The Lazy Philosopher

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