11 Things Every Food Lover Will Totally Understand

Are you very much in love with food? You’ll definitely giggle at these 15 points as you get to know yourself some more. Have a friend who’s a foodie too? You might come to get them know better by reading this. There’s something very special about being a foodie. You sort of have a unique view of the world; at least wherever food is concerned, and feels more attached and connected to others who see it similarly.These 11 points perfectly connect most foodies!

1. You drive anywhere in town for food

Naturally, you’ll drive anywhere in town just to get to your favorite food store or restaurant no matter how much traffic it is!

2. Your road trips are for restaurants

You’ll go on a road trip just to try that new restaurant that’s recently opened, which is Just a five-hour drive away from you!

3. Food is an integral part of the budget

So no matter that you might have to take the bus to work instead of a cab, but you will never sacrifice the quality of your food. Never!

4. The kitchen is no less than a chemistry lab

You can happily spend hours in the kitchen, experimenting with various ingredients to get your recipe perfect. When you go for dinner, you try to figure out all the ingredients in your meal so you can replicate it at home. You’re no less than a mad scientist.

5. Your Pinterest account is a world of food

For you, Pinterest is all about food, food and only food!

6. Food bloggers are very much like your family

There are food blogs you’ve followed for a long time and your YouTube is filled up with recipe videos. In fact, you follow the bloggers so well that they feel like your virtual friends.

7. You use food to impress your dates

To impress a date, you either cook them an unbelievably delicious dinner or give them breakfast in bed. And you surely expect the same from them. Because food … !

8. Food can also destroy your date!

If your date asks you over for dinner date and serves you an average tasting food, you feel like they don’t care about you and don’t even know you properly. Literally! How could they care and serve you so bad!

9. You check the ingredients minutely

Well, if the food is out of the world delicious then you need to check all the ingredients and know every minute details about it because nobody can be bigger foodie than you!

10. Holidays = food

Holidays are the best times to try some wonderful never tried recipes, isn’t it?Organizing night outs and cooking with your cousins and friends is what holidays are all about. Cook.Eat.Repeat!

11. You can wait for hours in line for food

If you get to know about the best momos or the best sizzlers in town, you’ll just jump to that place and obviously don’t care about the queue or the crowd and keep on waiting to get your plate!

I think you much be craving for some delicious now! So just go and get served at your favorite food destination. Happy Eating!

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