15 Photos of International Borders Around Asia

Traveling around the Asia is a backpacker’s dream, and whenever possible, the goal is to cover most of the areas with their feet on the ground. Many international borders in Asia may look like typically fenced land, some have unique structures, some look worthy, and some are lost in the middle of nowhere.

Here is the list 15 International borders around Asia

Singapore – Malaysia

Photo Credit: janiceg_Photo Credit: janiceg_

Malaysia – Thailand

Photo Credit: omaePhoto Credit: omae

Thailand – Cambodia

Photo Credit: seua_yaiPhoto Credit: seua_yai

Cambodia – Vietnam

Photo Credit: MekongMonkeyPhoto Credit: MekongMonkey

Laos – Cambodia

Photo Credit: saturnismPhoto Credit: saturnism

Thailand – Laos

Photo Credit: Wondering WandererPhoto Credit: Wondering Wanderer

Laos – China

Photo Credit: Phil Collett Photo Credit: Phil Collett

Myanmar – China

Photo Credit: meckleychinaPhoto Credit: meckleychina

India – Pakistan

Photo Credit: PappadiPhoto Credit: Pappadi

Nepal – China

Photo Credit: eriktornerPhoto Credit: eriktorner

China – Mongolia

Photo Credit: ilkerenderPhoto Credit: ilkerender

Pakistan – China

Photo Credit: QuoraPhoto Credit: Quora

China – North Korea

Photo Credit:

North Korea – South Korea

Photo Credit: ak_phuong (Tran Minh Phuong)Photo Credit: ak_phuong (Tran Minh Phuong)

Pakistan – Afghanistan

Photo Credit: FlickerSetPhoto Credit: FlickerSet

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