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  • 17 Places to Go if you want to travel the world inexpensively in 2017

    Young. Wild. Free. That’s how young people have been rolling in the modern days, and for travelers, it’s the way of life. But the problem is traveling is expensive and these young people look for value for money when they travel. If you are one of these young, spirited travelers and looking to enjoy roaming […]

  • The 10 Richest Men In Asia – List of 10 Wealthiest Men In Asia

    Below is the list of 10 richest man of 2017 in Asia. All the person on the list are based on Realtime list from Forbes. 10. Dilip Shanghvi, India, Net Worth: $10.7 billion Dilip Shanghvi spent his childhood in the small town of Amreli, the same place he was born on October 1955. He studied […]

  • The Brahmi Script, Mother Script Of The Modern India And Asian Scripts

    After Indus civilization invented Indus script in India, another script was developed which is the most influential writing system. It is called Brahmi script. All the modern scripts in India and hundreds of other scripts found in Southeast and East Asia are directly derived from Brahmi Script. Brahmi Script Though it looks like syllabic writing […]

  • 10 beautiful places in Asia to travel right away

    Asia offers 21st-century lifestyle and beyond or back. Asia offers tranquility to the truest of meanings. Asia offers freedom in a different sense. Asia offers wilderness and paddy fields. Here is a look at 10 such places in Asia to visit right away. 1. Ubud, Indonesia Ubud offers stone temples and endless rice paddies perfect […]

  • 15 Photos of International Borders Around Asia

    Traveling around the Asia is a backpacker’s dream, and whenever possible, the goal is to cover most of the areas with their feet on the ground. Many international borders in Asia may look like typically fenced land, some have unique structures, some look worthy, and some are lost in the middle of nowhere. Here is the […]

  • Amazing Caves Around The World To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

    There are hundreds of natural caves on our planet and all of them have their own charm and appeal. Some of these caves were formed due to the water seeping down through limestone rock. Over millions of years, the limestone left behind by dripping water, can form the majestic caves you see here. Some caves […]

  • Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan is the Grand Canyon of Central Asia

    Charyn canyon is an impressive gorge carved by the fast-flowing river stretched over 150 km along the Charyn river in Kazakhstan. It is located 195 km to the east from Almaty, near the border with China. Canyon is the part of Charyn National Park founded in 2004. Photo credit: Andrew/Panoramio Photo credit: Andrew/Panoramio Photo credit: […]

  • 5 Most Beautiful Buddhist Monasteries In Asia

    The monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer. Monasteries are not just religious place, they are also extremely beautiful architectural masterpieces. While all monasteries are beautiful and mysterious in their own way, these are some most beautiful monasteries in Asia. 5. Popa Taungkalat  Shrine, Myanmar The Popa Taungkalat Shrine is home to 37 Mahagiri Nats, or spirits. […]

  • 5 Things Asians do it differently to make their relationship last longer

    West in general is a more open culture while Asia is a bit shy than others. A little traveling should give you ample info on this. You’ll notice there are plenty of differences in the ways of people form Asia and the rest of the world. Some may not be apparent outright or applicable at […]