Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan is the Grand Canyon of Central Asia

Charyn canyon is an impressive gorge carved by the fast-flowing river stretched over 150 km along the Charyn river in Kazakhstan. It is located 195 km to the east from Almaty, near the border with China.

Canyon is the part of Charyn National Park founded in 2004.

charyn-canyon-1Photo credit: Andrew/Panoramio

charyn-canyon-2Photo credit: Andrew/Panoramio

charyn-canyon-3Photo credit: Andrew/Panoramio

The fairy-tale sandstone formations through the canyon have also been given names such as Notre Dame, Penguin, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh.

charyn-canyon-4Photo credit: Anna Pronenko/Panoramio

The height of the canyon walls is up to 150-300 meters

charyn-canyon-12Photo credit: Torekhan Sarmanov/Flickr

One area of particular interest is an area of 2 km called the Valley of Castles, where one can see towering rock formations which resemble, with some imagination, pillars, and castles.

charyn-canyon-5Photo credit: Ján Svetlík/Flickr

charyn-canyon-6Photo credit: mariusz kluzniak/Flickr

charyn-canyon-8Photo credit: Mr Hicks46/Flickr

charyn-canyon-9Photo credit: mariusz kluzniak/Flickr

charyn-river-1Photo credit: Roman Stetsenko/Panoramio

charyn-river-2Photo credit: Alexander Schardt/Panoramio

charyn-river-3Photo credit: mariusz kluzniak/Flickr

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