20 Harsh life lessons that all twenty somethings need to learn

The time you spend in your 20s is perhaps the best and most challenging time of your life. It can also be a decade of hard times to a development as a person. The 20s are always a time of change and adventure. But, there is no manual to help you guide through this crucial time. Here are some 20 life lessons for those who already started a decade-long journey .

Image Credit - 500px/Cristian Negroni
Image Credit – 500px/Cristian Negroni

1. Life Has Already Begun. There is no interlude. Nor is there a trial version of life. Your every decision matters.

2. Your Online Friends Are Fake Friends. Unfortunately, yes. Most of them do not care about you and will not come in your hour of need.

3. If You Fall In Love, Be Ready To Get Your Heart Broken. It is tough and it hurts.

4. Studying Did Not Finish After Prom Party. Knowledge is crucial. If you are not willing to be left behind, keep studying.

5. Members Of Your Family Are The Most Important People In Your Life. They are the only ones who care about you. Treat them well and appreciate them respectively.

6. Your Weaknesses Do Not Matter. Learn to accept this. The only thing that matters is your strengths. Improve them.

7. Everything Worth Doing Take Years. Do not expect to attain your goals too fast. Probably it will take much longer than you imagine.

8. All The Opportunities For Growth Are Beyond Your Comfort Zone. Develop a habit of leaving it. Find your discomfort zone. Enter it.

9. Broken Relationships Are Not Worth Staying In. Do not waste your time on things you cannot fix anymore. Let them go and move ahead.

10. The World Is Full Of Injustice. There are plenty of unjust things you are likely to face within your life. Be ready!

11. Luck Comes To Those Who Work Hard. Good things do not come to those who wait. Persistence and hard work are the only prerequisites for luck.

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12. There Is No Perfect Moment To Start. If you want to start doing something, act now. Do not wait for a better moment. It will never come.

13. You Cannot Be Everywhere And Have Everything. Learn to make right choices and commit to things that matter most.

14. Every Person In Your Life Should Be Appreciated. Do not take people for granted.

15. Experience And Emotions Are Your Best Investments. The traditional measures of success — fancy cars and houses — are no longer relevant. Emotions, memories, experience, knowledge. This is what matters.

16. Later Often Means Never. Do not postpone anything. Live now!

17. Success Equals Perseverance. Do not give up. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Chasing them is difficult. Nonetheless, it is worth the struggle.

18. Regular Workouts Are Crucial. Take care of your health and body. Exercise regularly and make sure you are in a good shape.

19. Your Failures Do Not Matter. Only wins count. Therefore do not be afraid to fail.

20. Nobody Will Help You. You gotta help yourself.

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