10 Habits You Need To Adopt If You Don’t Like Being Average

We’re part of a set that combines to make average, which means that we’re likely to be better or worse at whatever we’re considering than average. For example, if there are four people who scored 4,4, 40, and 40 points then the ‘average’ is 22. Although none of the individual players scored 22, they were either over or under that score.

Getting out of our comfort zone sounds awesome but the odds are that while this will expose us to new experiences, we’re unlikely to be above average at anything you try at first.

So as for being average, the best way, in terms of a skill, to not be average is to practice. But not just any type of practice, you need Deliberate Practice.

1. Track your mistakes and learn from it.

Before saying anything more I just want to say a professor X in my University, he is great I agree but he teaches with a feeble voice, writes badly on board.Students get confused. I think you can understand what I want to say
Concentrate on the mistakes that you make so many times and that affects you more.

2. Decide on what do you want to be extraordinary
Think about your priorities and put your effort on that.

3. Increase productivity

4. Create pressure for yourself


If you want to start a company work on that leaving your job. Leaving your job creates a pressure in you which drives you in your stop to some extent.

5. Do what you love

I see people saying “Do what you love”, but most people don’t take the risk of doing what they love, yes the average people. You shouldn’t be one among them.

6. Review  your core set of VALUES. Nothing else is possible unless your “inner house” is in order, and your values are essential thing.

7. FOCUS: or learning to say “no” more often. You have to say no to hundreds of good things so you can focus on a few great things.

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8. COURAGE: You will be afraid. You might be in doubt or hesitant. But you must take action, take risks, nevertheless. Take one small step each day in the direction of your fear.

9. Spend time around high performers Eventually what they do will rub off on you

10. Start READING about high performers It’ll help you reinforce what you know


Source- Quora

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