4 Daily Things That Are Really Changing Your Brain

We never realize that even the little things that we do each day can become an inherent part of our lives.  We don’t realize how much of an impact they can cause on our self-being. It’s not necessary that they are hampering our health but chances are that they might.

For instance, a cup of coffee a day is good for the health, whereas, an excess of it can lead to an increase in the stress hormones in the body. While exposure to natural light helps in regulating the hormones responsible for a restful sleep, plastic dishes that we use frequently release BPA, which has been found to be correlated with cancer.

Playing Thought-provoking Sudoku, Crosswords, and solving puzzles

Thought-provoking puzzles and crosswords are not just a medium of entertaining, but they also enhance the functioning of the brain! This implies that the sooner you inculcate of solving puzzles, and similar mind boggling tasks, the better it is for your mind to function.

Puzzles inspire compound thinking and further helps make imagination stronger. They also guard the brain against deteriorating diseases like dementia. And it does sound rational.

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Controlled breathing

We are well aware of the fact that deep breathing lowers stress and helps us relax, and it also helps us focus better.

However, the research reveals some hidden facts. As per a recent research, controlled breathing has a direct impact on increasing the brain size, particularly when combined with meditation.

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Speaking White Lies

Well, most of us might not have given a thought to it. We might not have realized that even the minor little white lies that we speak every day can become problematic. In reality, some might confess that white lies are actually beneficial.

Undeniably, we are aware that if a lie is spoken for a good cause, there’s no harm in it. As per a study conducted at University College London, white lies desensitize us to negative and adverse emotions and therefore can intensify the probability of us telling bigger lies in the future.

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Unstoppable Air Pollution

Of course, air pollution is bad for health, especially lungs, but did you know that it is also bad for our brains. From heart strokes to hampering the working of the brain, breathing in pollutants like mercury and lead, can cause a lot of problems for our nervous system. The hostile effects are more noticeable in younger children as their brains are still developing. In fact, it can even start in the mother’s womb if she is exposed to toxic chemicals.

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