6 Serious Signs That Could Imply You Are Unhealthy

Your body is always there for you. It has indeed got your back. Whenever something is wrong wellness-wise, your body will often try to send you a signal that a health hazard may be brewing beneath the surface.

To start with, women especially skip out on going to the doctor because they’re too busy or can’t get the day off work. And, honestly, sometimes it feels easier to ignore whatever is going on. But this is not an excuse! You need to get aware and consult a doctor immediately if you’re facing any of these problems!

1. Swollen Legs

Are your legs looking swollen? This is called edema, and it could be a marker of a thyroid issue or can even be something more serious with your heart or kidneys. It’s important to see your healthcare provider because thyroid disorders can be kept under control by following the treatment methods range from going on medication to starting a specialized exercise routine.

2. Long Ring Fingers

Wait, so your body is giving your health Intel through the length of your fingers? Possibly, according to a University of Nottingham research, it’s found that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it could be a symptom that you’re at a greater risk for osteoarthritis, especially in the knees.

To avoid any mishappening, you should keep up with a regular exercise routine, and maintain a suitable weight, and you can push back against any potential predispositions. But still, it’s highly advisable to talk to your doctor.

3. Dark Urine

Wondering if pee the color of a dark IPA is a cryptic sign from your body that something isn’t right? True, yeah. It’s actually an indicator that you’re dehydrated. In that case, drink water! But that murky color can also be due to blood in your urine, which signals a potential problem with your kidneys or liver. You need to consult your doctor, but if you want to give your kidneys a health boost in the meantime, focus on eating healthy, drinking enough water and exercise regularly.

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4. Black Poop

It’s something that you shouldn’t just flush and forget about. .If your stool goes dark, it could be a sign of internal organ bleeding or may be due to a stomach ulcer. You should ASAP quit on the spicy food and give your doctor a ring immediately.

5. Cravings for Ice

If you’re always heading for the freezer and craving for ice then that may mean you have an iron deficiency. Why? People who suffer from a serious lack of iron often have cravings for food with no nutritional importance, for instance, ice.

Your doc will have the best course of treatment, but adding iron-rich foods into your diet will help, along with Vitamin C, which allows your body to better absorb the iron.

6. Bad Breath

It might be a high time to move beyond popping a breath mint. Chronic bad breath can be a sign of gingivitis. When you ignore it, gingivitis can turn into a more serious form of gum disease, which can even lead to tooth loss. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing to keep bad oral hygiene in check always.

So, before these symptoms become a huge problem, it’s better to pay attention to them and consult a doctor soon without any fail!

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