Things you can do for 10 minutes every day that can change your life forever

Human Life is dynamic, constantly changing. We adapt to situations and people around us and in the process reinvent ourself, but is it always for the better? Here we present you with tips to follow for not more than 10 minutes that can change our life , for the better!

DON’T do these:

Masturbate to porn

  • It’ll distort your vision of sex
  • It’ll mean you may require graphic images/videos to orgasm
  • It’ll impact your relationship negatively
  • It’ll reduce your ability to prevent premature ejaculation
  • It’ll lower your testosterone which is far better served in (first point of the ‘DO’s’)

Have that midnight chocolate/sugary tea/piece of cake

You can get away with it a couple times sure But if it becomes habit Then you undo much of the day’s hard work And body fat increases will follow

Worry for more than 5 minutes

  • Literally set a stopwatch and ‘allow worry’ for 5 minutes
  • After that move to practical strategies to solve your issues
  • Crying over split milk is useless as an emotion
  • Get used to moving forward

Do do these

High Intensity training 

  • It’ll fight depression
  • Make you fitter QUICKLY
  • Give you more energy
  • Make you more alert
  • Improve your ability in bed

Listen to someone you’ve never spoken to before

  • Ask them a question
  • Learn about their life
  • Make them feel valued
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Practice talking to strangers

Engage in positive self-talk

  • Remind yourself of what you achieved
  • Remind yourself of your best qualities
  • Think of the people that love you
  • Think about the people who bring happiness into your life

Deepak Shukla, TedX Speaker.

Make it a point to have a 10 min conversation with someone you otherwise wouldn’t consider “having the time for.”  Take a few moments to help someone who wasn’t expecting your help. Spend an extra few surprising minutes with your loved ones. Call your parents for a 10 min conversation.  Make someone smile. Make someone’s day.

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Over time, a tried and true way to nourish your soul is to truely care for someone.  Orienting your efforts towards humanity will open up a part of your soul that you will find time after time rejuvenating.

Aaron Webber, Chairman and CEO, Webber Investments. Partner at Idea Booth/BGO recommends using ten minutes as a suggestion, is that you take time for good old fashioned P&P.

Take time to Plan and Ponder.

The first P: PLAN

I find it most beneficial to do my planning for the next day the evening before. That way, I go to bed knowing what my plan is for the next. I prioritize my plan around those goals and strategic initiatives and the vision that I have for my life and business. I then work towards that plan as my priority and not someone else’s.

Also, that way, I go to bed with a clear picture in my mind and therefore the beginnings of a clear strategy as to how I’m going to be maximally productive the following day.  This allows the subconscious during REM sleep to begin creating that thing you’re going to work on tomorrow in your subconscious before you actually go to work on it when you wake up.

It is so much more refreshing to wake up to an already planned day than to a blank piece of paper which, by definition, invites an element of chaos to your life. So I plan my day the evening before. It doesn’t take long. Just a few minutes where you can prioritize 3, 4, 5 or 6 six things that you’re going to do as a priority, excluding of course the things that come along serendipitously

The second P is PONDER.

Take some time, maybe first thing in the morning, where you just sit and quietly ponder on what it is you’re in the process of becoming or what it is you’re in the process of building if it’s a company or a project of sorts. Do that in the context of your vision and your goals. Crystallize them in your mind. Imagine yourself as that “already successful” downhill skier, golfer, etc. Watch that great giant slalom run down the hill flawlessly—picture that in your mind. Or if you’re a golfer, picture that long drive or that putt for dough at the end that sinks into the bottom of the hole.

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All of that visitation, self-actualization stuff can’t happen unless you have a vision for yourself and some meaningful and long-term goal.  But spend just a couple of minutes, 5 or 10 in the morning, pondering on that and allow your subconscious to go to work.

Do something for (at least) ten minutes a day that is spontaneous, and where you don’t care about the outcome.  Try to think about how you used to play when you were five years old and do something like that.  It can take different forms for different people, but just do something fun and purposeless – build a fort, throw ingredients together for a mysterious culinary experiment, have a pillow fight, splash in a puddle, finger paint, the list is endless.

Another Writer suggests:

1. Meditate: It will help you get rid of all the stress, help you focus better, increase your concentration.
2. Running/High intensity cardio: Opt for dancing, aerobics or playing a sport! Whatever suits you. It releases stress reducing hormones in the body. You can immediately feel the difference
3. Reading a newspaper: It will keep you updated with the current affairs and increase your command over the language. Knowledge is confidence.
4. Power naps/Music breaks:  Your mind and body needs a break! You will see it will function much better after that.

5. Take a cold shower every morning:  You will feel the blood circulation, you’ll do the impossible.

6. Write: Whatever comes into your mind. Start a blog. Share your random thoughts. Keep it private if you feel! Great leaders are great writers.

7. UN-Friend: If you are not comfortable with your friends, leave them. Block them on FB, whatsapp or whatever it is. Ignore.

Now go out and KICK-ARSE 🙂

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