Five things about Karma everyone should know

Karma is a word that’s now globally acknowledged. More than a word, it’s a concept. Karma is an action, word or deed that has cause and effect relationship in the spiritual dimension. How is it said to work? Say if you do good today, it will have a positive effect on your future. In simple terms, do good to get good. Otherwise, actions performed with bad motive will lead to “bad karma”.

This ideology or concept is rooted in Buddhism. Today, it has spread across the world, so much so that, in most Asian countries, karma is associated with rebirth. It’s believed that the karma in the past life has determined the quality and nature of present life.

This might not be acceptable to all. But karma is something that cannot be overlooked. If you recap your life, then you will realize that karma is prevalent at times. Your good actions generate good results, while your bad works follow dark days.

Karma has a way of getting a grip on everyone. You should know these five things about karma to really understand how it does so:

You get what you give

When you were a child, your parents or grandparents might have told you and insisted on being nice to other people. But why? So that when you love and care for others, they can love you back too. And if you are evil to others, then, of course, there is a sense of enmity and revenge growing, and there are high chances that you won’t be spared of it. To live a positive and better future, it’s important to be positive towards others too.

You are where the change starts

Change comes from within. Once you do that, you will also feel the change in things you weren’t satisfied with. You need to analyse yourself and your thought process, and how your actions have impacts on the lives of others. Don’t do good deeds because you want great things to happen to you. Do it to spread love and compassion. Only then will you be able to embrace the change in yourself.

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Maintain Cleanliness of your soul

Stay clean in that speak the truth in the humblest ways. You are a part of your environment. What you do is going to affect your environment too, and in turn that Is going to affect you too. So, don’t distort the environment. And you can do that by ensuring your soul is clean.

There is always room for improvement

Nothing is perfect. There will always be flaws inside everyone, but it is important to keep improving on it. The past is always haunting, and there are mistakes that you made in your past that might be making your present a land of suffering. Analyze those mistakes, and see where you can change it. Restart.

Everything has a price tag

With karma, your future is being decided. So nothing is for free. If you are aware of your karma, then success, happiness, and support of your loved ones follow. Be positive. Behave and speak in a way that you are not hurting anyone else.

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