Achieve The Balance In Life – Stop Cribbing For Little Things

As humans, we never fail to crib over slightest of issues and make a chaos out of trivial matters. We tend to complain about the current status of things or about someone not behaving the way we want.  In essence, we just crib a lot. This is one major reason that we often feel terrible about everything going on in our lives.

We just don’t seem to be happy or contented about anything. Pragmatically speaking, for the world to survive, dissatisfaction as a state of mind is required, otherwise, the wheels of society will become stagnant and the functioning of the society will fail. But the question that arises is that despite all this, how does one maintain the balance?

The answer to this question is hidden in the four noble truths (called Chatur Arya Saccani) by Gautama Buddha.

Dukkha or Sorrow

The first point was to accept that there is a problem which is dukkha, or sorrow.

Dukkha Samudya or Causation

Once you have identified the problem, the second step is to find the solution. The solution would start once you realize the cause of the problem – cause.

Cessation of Dukkha or Nirodha

Now, the cause is associated with twelve states or nidanas that set in motion a cycle where each state gets linked to the other and in this process, a chain of action is set.

Path to Cessation or Magga

Once the problem is identified in all its senses, the ultimate solution is needed. So, the remedy is called Magga or the eightfold path.

The main essence of the four noble truths as laid by Lord Buddha is that we should learn to acknowledge and accept that there’s a problem and once that has been accepted, we should work on to find the cause and ultimately the solution to the problem. Ignorance is the wrong key.

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So, how do we achieve the balance and leave aside ignorance?

As per Lord Buddha, the critical factor to achieve the balance is to accept that a perfect situation is not possible. And to find the perfect balance, one needs to hit the middle ground. The only way to do it is by being less attached to the situations and people.

Learn to stop cribbing and savor the moments life gives you!

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