These are some Incidents where People took Revenge in a Mind-blowing way

Can a revenge be justified ? It can be in some cases I guess. And they definitely don’t have to be physical all the time. Here are such 5 examples that will knock your socks off.

1. Dave Carroll against the United Airlines

When a $3,500 Taylor guitar owned by David Carroll of Canadian folk-pop group Sons of Maxwell had been broken due to mishandling by the United Airlines crew there began a fight for reimbursement. After months of following up with customer when United rejected Carroll’s claim he exacted revenge by recording a series of songs called the “United Breaks Guitars” trilogy. It received millions of hit on you-tube resulting in United’s stock drop in value by $180 million.

dave caroll vs united airlines

2. A boy called ‘Pocky’

Little joey was a short boy. His alcoholic father beat him once so bad his arm was permanently crippled. He contracted smallpox and it left his face pock-marked. His classmates relentlessly taunted him, calling him ‘pocky’. They weren’t laughing when he changed his last name to Stalin and executed at least a half million people.


3. Ferrari insult

Ferruccio was a farmer who made tractors. Eventually his business became so successful that he was among the most wealthy in Italy. He owned a Ferrari which gave him some trouble at some point in time.

Being a mechanic he tried to fix the problem and found out that his Ferrari had the same clutch used in one of his tractors. Obviously a bit furious he went to Modena to complain about the low quality part used in a Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari being quite an arrogant man, said Ferrucio was a “farmer” and the problem was with him, not the car.

Ferrucio was insulted and vowed to build a car worthy of beating a Ferrari. His efforts and revenge have resulted in the creation and development of among the most powerful, well renowned cars which really give Ferrari a run for its money, even to this day. This was how Lamborghini was born.

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4. The Story of Tata Steel

This is an a revenge story that took almost 100 years in the making. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the industrial revolution had transformed Britain and most of the European countries. India, under the occupation of Britain, was completely bypassed by the industrial revolution.

During the 1880s, Jamshetji Tata visited Manchester and was highly impressed by the industrial progress of Britain. He wanted to replicate the same in India and he decided to construct a steel plant in India (Jamshedpur) that would manufacture world-class steel.


On hearing the news that an Indian was to develop a steel plant in India, Sir Frederick Upcott (the then chief commissioner of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway) commented – “”Do you mean to say that Tatas propose to make steel rails to British specifications? Why, I will undertake to eat every pound of steel rail they succeed in making.”

Tata Steel started manufacturing in 1912 after overcoming thousands of beauracratic and financial obstacles. Although Jamshetji died in 1904, his son Dorab continued to persevere. In the next decade, for the 1st World War, the Tatas supplied close to 1500 miles of steel rails to the British for rail construction in Mesopotamia.

5. The Name of a Pub

This is the story of how JD WETHERSPOON – The biggest chain of pubs in England, got its name. This chain has over a thousand outlets all over England, and had revenues of in millions of pounds last year.

Now, this business giant is not named after the owner, his name is Tim Martin. He named the company after his high school teacher – JD Wetherspoon. He did this because his teacher had once humiliated him in front of his classmates, and had told his parents that Tim would never amount to anything.


Now, Tim knew that if he put his own name on his pubs, his teacher would never notice. After all, ‘Martin’ could be anyone. But no one can resist looking at their own name. So he named the pubs ‘JD Wetherspoon’. And now every time his teacher passes his own name, he knows that it was put there by a boy he’d said would never amount to anything. How’s that for revenge.

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