5 Things You Need To Stop Apologizing Right Away

Time and again, we find ourselves in a dilemma, as to whether our actions are right or wrong certainly because we are concerned with people’s opinions about us. This is the reason our minds are always boggling with decisions about life, career, and family. There are times we are afraid to answer the questions people raise over our decisions and choices for the sole reason that we will be judged, more so, misunderstood.

Let us be honest. We do injustice to ourselves when we let people make choices for us. When we let go of the things we want for someone who values something to us. When we have to give explanations for being selfish despite the good choices we make for ourselves. The truth is we forget that our first commitment is with own selves. And so, when we make our decisions, it is okay to be considerate of your feelings. It’s okay to live life on own terms.

1. Explaining About Your Food Preferences

Starting with the basic and the one I really have to go through a lot of times. Seriously, explaining why I like certain food? My taste buds like something what can I do in that? Whether I like healthy, oily, spicy, Punjabi, or Continental, what does anyone has got to do with that? Enough explanations!


2. Apologizing when it is not your fault.

Enough of apologizing for things you don’t have to be apologetic when it’s not even your fault. Take a minute and realize, how often do people do the same to you? Got your answer? So, value yourself, and don’t apologize for things you should not.


3. Explaining the choices you make in personal life

Whether you want to get married or study further, whether you want to fulfill your dreams and follow your passion or simply do nothing at all, it’s your choice. Do not let people decide that for you. There is your family and friends, who indeed, are concerned about your future and of course, are impacted by the choices you make, but let us face it, apologizing them for the choices you made isn’t going to change anything.

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4. Enough apologizing for your sex life

Given that your sex life is happening with the consent of both the parties, there isn’t a need to explain what you are doing. As long as your sex life is not depriving them of theirs, there’s nothing to apologize for the choices you are making.


5. Clarifying about your choice of religion

There is nothing you need to answer about your choices on your religious beliefs. It’s your choice whether you want to follow Hinduism, Islam, Jainism or simply not follow any and become an atheist. It’s what you believe in and want to teach. There’s nothing you need to apologize for in this.


Always be confident in your choices and yourself because people are always there to judge you and make you feel worse about yourself. They will always judge you but what you need to figure out is that for how long you are going to let those eyes trouble you.

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