10 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down

Marriage is one of the biggest steps you will take in your life. Things will not remain the same for you, your partner, and definitely for the people around you. But before taking the big leap, have you considered to accomplish a few things for yourself?

Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down
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These are some things you could do before settling down:

1. Pamper yourself

Make some time for yourself no matter how busy your schedule is. Take some time off of your schedule to relax and pamper yourself. Whether it is a spa treatment, a luxury handbag or a new car, reward yourself! Not only will this make you feel great about yourself, it will also help you feel more confident and gain some healthy self-respect.

It does not always have to be things that are materialistic in nature. If you are in a rut and do not feel a bit motivated, getting out of bed and into a nice, long bath is a reward in itself too! Your body is a temple. Eat healthily, do not put too much stress on yourself, and know that it is okay to kick back and relax sometimes.

2. Face a fear

It is not always that you want to face your fears, but it is definitely something that you should consider doing before you settle down. The kinds of fears that people have depend on an individual basis, but some of the common ones out there are fear of heights, water, snakes, and spiders (arachnophobia affects women four times more than men).

Facing your fears does not mean doing something extraordinary to overcome your fear. You can simply take baby steps to do this. Even trying to face your fears is very courageous. You can even get creative while doing this. For example, if you have a fear of heights, try climbing a small tree (Bonus: build a treehouse with your partner so that it is a fun date idea and a way to face your fears!).

Try taking swimming lessons in a community pool if you fear water. As for fear of animals, just try watching Animal Planet or National Geographic so that you come to know how snakes or spiders are important for the environment or visit the zoo with your partner to try to face your fear of those animals (another date idea!).

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3. Get a grip on your finances

Though this might sound boring, it is extremely important to manage your finances before settling down. Do you have a habit of spending money on useless things? Are you a shopaholic? Try to get a firm hold on your finances and cut down on the extravagant spending. Try to clear any credit and debt that you have.

Marriage and living together can be a costly deal if you have not learned how to manage your finances. It is also important that you start a savings account before you are married so that you have some cash at times of emergency.

4. Learn a new skill or start a new hobby

Have you always wanted to try out drawing or photography but could not try it out before? Well now might be the perfect, if not the last time, to try something new!

Join that painting class in your local art gallery. Start doing a 15-minute yoga session every morning. Start a food blog that you always wanted. Learning a new skill will help you grow as a person and give you new opportunities to uncover hidden talents. You might even get a new found passion if you are lucky!

5. Live alone

As daunting as it might sound, living alone can be a great way to learn some responsibility. Try moving out of your parents’ house and get a place for yourself. Living alone means that you cook your own meals, pay your own rent and manage your own expenses. It also means that you live your life however you want and spend your free time doing the things you like.

The most important lesson living alone can teach you, however, is being comfortable when you are alone. Learn to love being alone so you can cherish married life and companionship later on.

6. Go on a vacation with your sister/ best friend

As I said before, marriage changes things. You never know when you will next meet your sister or your best friends as you grow busier with married life. So go on a vacation with your sister or a best friend so you spend quality time together and make new memories. It does not have to be a luxurious trip to Paris, just take a couple of days off to go to a nearby town you have always wanted to visit. Vacationing together with your girls will reassure them that they are an important part of your life and strengthen your bond before you get settled down.

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7. Go on a solo hike

Nothing gives you an opportunity to do some soul searching as much as traveling alone or going on a solo hike does. This also gives you a small adventure and lots of new experiences. With more and more women hiking solo, there is no need to feel doubtful about your safety, though you do need to take some precautions.

Familiarize yourself with the territory and know where there are settlements. Take the right gear and equipment with you, but remember to pack light. One of the most important things is to invest in a really great pair of hiking boots and get the best women’s hiking boots for your solo hike. Do some research on the Internet before you hike solo and do tell someone about your whereabouts.

8. Transform your look

You are about to enter into a new phase of your life with marriage, and what better way to do that than with a new look? Just getting a haircut or styling your hair differently than usual can bring big changes. Clearing out your wardrobe can also be a great idea.

Donate old clothes that you do not wear and make space for new items that will define your style. Get some signature pieces for your new wardrobes like a set of pearl earrings or a great pair of jeans.

9. Focus on your goals

You must have some personal goals or career-oriented goals that you want to complete before settling down. Work towards that promotion. Do not let your upcoming marriage sidetrack your career in any way. Do you want to lose or put on some weight? Start a workout routine and eat healthy so you get a body that you want.

Marriage does not mean that you can sweep away all your goals and be done with it. Try achieving those goals so you have an accomplishment you can be proud of before you settle down.

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10. Have a serious talk with your future partner

Set some time apart and have a serious conversation about how your life is going to be like with your partner. Talk about finances – how will you manage a joint account, what do you want your expenses to be like, how you will pay rent, etc. Find out what their views are on children and tell them how many children you want and how you would like to raise them.

It is important that you have this sort of conversation with your partner at least once before getting married so that you both know what is coming ahead. This will also help you work together as a team.


So these are some things you could consider doing before marrying and settling down with your husband-to-be. If you think there are other things to add to this list, feel free to comment below!

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