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  • Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down

    10 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Settling Down

    Marriage is one of the biggest steps you will take in your life. Things will not remain the same for you, your partner, and definitely for the people around you. But before taking the big leap, have you considered to accomplish a few things for yourself? These are some things you could do before settling […]

  • 10 Habits of Successful people that you can learn from

    Successful people always seem to be the point of reference. They do this. They do that. But when you really dig deep into their lives, we know that they have done some things differently. Many researchers have done so: analyzed the lives of many successful persons and have found similar patterns in their daily habits. […]

  • 10 life-changing career lessons most people learn too late in life

    Work. Work. Work. Life is all about working by keeping your head down and focusing just on it. That’s a common belief. But does it really work? Here are some life-changing career lessons that most people learn too late in life 1. You have only one life The thing is if you are working for […]

  • 10 Signs you are having a quarter life crisis

    Quarter-life crisis is a low point in life when people are confused regarding their identity, purpose in life, as well as the transition they are going through. It usually occurs for people in their mid-twenties following up to the early thirties. The twenties is the time of progression from adolescence to adulthood. During this phase, […]

  • Only 2% of the most intelligent people can answer Google Interview Questions

    Google is one of the most competitive companies in the world to get a job. Google looks for a very specific type of employee and most people do not fit the criteria. Here in this post, we have some Google Interview questions. Can you answer all these Google Interview Questions correctly?

  • These are the 10 highest-paying jobs for workaholics

    Ever wondered which job is the most financially rewarding one. To determine the best-paying jobs, job search site CareerCast collected data from its annual Jobs Rated Report, which evaluates a host of occupations according to five core criteria: environment, income, outlook, stress, and a composite score of the overall rankings. Here are the top 10 highest paying jobs for […]

  • Ex-Facebook Employee Wrote A Painful Story After Getting Fired

    I was terminated one day because something I did violated a policy. I won’t go into what it was to protect my identity and that of all involved. But all the people I told what it was about have been extremely surprised. What I did was the equivalent of jaywalking: against the rule, per se, […]