5 Truths That Will Make You Rethink The True Meaning of Feminism

History speaks, feminism, as a word, has always been understood. It either turns us into an anti-men gang of women or completely into “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men” bunch of people. There’s a clear difference between “feminists” and “misandrists.” The term Misandrists refers to the people who dislike or despises men. Whatever be the category you fall into, the truth is none of the above-customized definitions of feminism makes sense.

Undeniably, we and more reasonable lot have exclaimed the true meaning of feminism as the equality for all and not specifically, having an aversion towards any gender. Since its 2017 and we have had enough about the misinterpretations of the term, here’s hoping that feminism gets its rightful place this year.

If you have doubts about the term or look forward to explaining it to a friend or generally just rally for equality amongst all genders, we bet you’ll echo these thoughts too.

1. Let The Word Be Understood In Its True Meaning

As per Google, Feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” We earnestly wish that the term gets its deserved due and is clearly understood. Feminism is not asking for anything but EQUAL RIGHTS. And yes, it doesn’t have to go far till Deepika Padukone’s video on Feminism.

2. Bollywood Needs To Wake Up To Feminism

Bollywood is one of the most influential film industries across the world. Unfortunately, even the actresses have not been able to decipher the true meaning of feminism. Right from Parineeti Chopra to Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif has denied being a feminist, implying that the word is unclean and needless. These are the same women, who have strong beliefs in equality but not feminism. They certainly need to buy a dictionary. Influential people saying things like, “I believe in equality but not feminism” is catastrophic.

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3. Being Anti-Feminist Is Not Cool

Last year, #IAmNotAFeminist was trending on social media. Men, women, everyone was sharing the same. Amidst them were women who were independent and spirited enough to make their choices in life. After that, Feminism became an un-cool tag terms like feminazis took place. I don’t understand how having a shelter makes you blind of the misery of others. I can’t see how on earth is that cool.

4. Men Need To Believe That Feminism Is Not Trying To Demean Their Character

Being a feminist doesn’t mean we believe “all men are rapists” or that all men are evil, or that we intend to blame every individual man for hundreds of years of oppressive behavior. We just want you to fight with us for feminism for its true meaning. And not just on social media but in reality.

5. Feminists Are Not Unwilling To Address Men’s Issues

Feminism is about equal rights for all, it is not gender biased. It also includes addressing issues concerning men. It’s high time you understand it, else live in a world away from the reality.

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