What kind of Woman are you ? Your birth month can say a lot about your personality

Did you know that the month you were born can says a lot about your personality ? From January to December, each month has a special meaning. Read on and find out what your month says about you.



Women born in January are exceptionally ambitious, but rather serious and conservative. They are also quite critical. Although they rarely get furious, make sure you avoid them when they are in such a mood. These women keep their feelings to themselves, so you’d better not expect openness on their side. They can only be approached by people they consider are on the same intellectual level as they are and who have the same points of view.


February-born women have a rather abstract way of thinking, which is why many can’t understand them. You have to be patient with them as their mood changes quite too often. On the plus side, they are awfully romantic and would do anything for the person they love. Getting the same attention means a lot to them. They never go back to the person who betrays them.


These women are really easy-going until you upset them. Although generally loyal and devoted, in an attack of fury, they can put everything to an end. Only real men can truly appreciate these women, who typically have strong charisma and charm, which are really enchanting. Living with a woman born in March is a real pleasure. However, they don’t fall in love so easily because they don’t fall for tricks that men play on women.


April-born women are real diplomats. Communication is their strongest point, but occasionally, they are also prone to self-pity. You definitely must consider this aspect. Most of them are quite jealous, and this is something you should definitely move away from. However, once you win their trust, they can make you the happiest man alive. This is partly because they only open themselves to those who earn their trust.

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These women are both determined and loyal to their principles. They are also quite attractive, which along with their difficult character, becomes a dangerous combination for any man who falls in love with them. Men generally never forget these women.


Curious, creative and communicative is what defines women born in June. They often speak before they think, which often hurts other people’s feelings. They think that truth is better told in the face, and not from behind a person’s back. Also, they are quite dangerous players in a relationship and men often become a playtoy in their hands.


Women born in July tend to be rather mysterious, but truly honest. Normally, they don’t let other people approach them easily. They rarely boast or brag, regardless of how intelligent or beautiful they are. They don’t feel comfortable in conflict situations and are polite to everyone. The past often hurts them a lot. You can easily lose them forever if you cheat on them.


August-born women are a unique blend of a great heart and self-centeredness. They typically win conflicts so it’s not advisable to get into a quarrel with them. They have an exceptional sense of humor but don’t enjoy being mocked. They are normally the center of attention and never lack male company. Men lose their heads in the presence of these women.


Kind, disciplined, and beautiful, these women never forget a betrayal. Be cautious not to make this mistake as they will seek revenge. These women want long relationships, meaning they aren’t the kind of one-night stand. On the other hand, they are quite critical and have really high expectations of their partners. The man who gives the most will win their heart. No matter what their heart tells them, their mind doesn’t allow them to make a mistake.


These women have a very strong character, will, and independence. However, they are really emotional, but hardly ever cry in front of other people. They are exceptionally smart and don’t open themselves to everyone because they are well aware that people can take advantage of their vulnerability. October women are so strong, they can even conquer the strongest characters. Typically, they are the subject of envy of other women.

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Women born in November are definitely not the type to play games with. They are normally one step ahead and can easily recognize a lie. Be careful not to lose their trust because you will get the short end of the stick. What you need to know about these women – if you are ready to hear the truth, is never ask their opinion.


December-born women are characterized as impatient, impulsive, but also really lucky. You don’t want to get into a conflict with these women as they always come out as winners. They’re fun to be with and are really good at cheering people up. They normally win your heart in a matter of minutes. They have a great heart although people often hurt them.

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