15 Signs you should look for if you want to know you are intelligent

The famous quote of Bertrand Russel goes, “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Russell said it rightly. Wise men are always questioning things around them, while the fools think what they think is right. It is not that hard to separate the two, is it? Science says that we can distinguish wise from the fools. Here are some signs of intelligent people:

1. Intelligent people spend considerable time educating themselves on various topics

A lot of effort is required to reach the level of intelligence. Researches and surveys show that intelligent is earned, and is not something that is completely born out of. One might be well versed on a topic, but that doesn’t mean he is intelligent. The ones who are can talk about just about anything because he has worked hard to know, educate themselves and learn about various topics.

2. Internet people are more Internet savvy

Some surveys have shown that the Internet makes people smart. The hypothesis is based on the fact that “the Internet dispenses knowledge impartially and has improved reading and writing.”

3. They tend to stay up till late at night

It rests on an evolutionary fact. Zoologist Robert Alison in the Winnipeg Free Press says, “Sleep researchers tend to divide people into two groups, based on whether they exhibit ‘morningness’ or ‘eveningness’. A recent study claims that eveningness is an evolutionary advancement that marks out ‘more intelligent individuals’, while those with lower IQs tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime.”

4. Intelligent people use fewer electronics, which otherwise cause information overload or infomania

Infomania has been a problem for most adults, according to a study by HP. When you are constantly distracted and have the urge to check your mails or messages or notifications, you are neglecting your duties. It means you are suffering from infomania. Intelligent people avoids them.

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5. Kids who take music lessons are more likely to be intelligent than ones who do not

There is a report in PsychCentral that suggests that there is growing evidence that musicians have structurally and functionally different brains compared with non-musicians. In particular, the areas of the brain used to process music are larger or more active in musicians. So if you even taking baby steps to pick a musical instrument and start playing some tunes, that has the capacity to change the neurophysiology of the brain. The part of brains that involves music also has implications for other tasks such as memory or language skills.

6. Chances of intelligent people using recreational drugs is higher than their lesser intelligent counterparts

There is a never-ending debate if recreational drugs are good for people. But intelligent people seem to try out new things every time, and that includes trying out new drugs. Psychology Today says, “More intelligent individuals are more likely to consume all types of psychoactive drugs than less intelligent individuals.”

7. Intelligent people are adaptable and open-minded

One of the things that intelligent people are good at doing is adapting to changes. Adapting means changing oneself to cope with the changes in the environment. But it’s not always true. Intelligent can also change the environment or even find a completely new environment to match themselves.

8. Intelligent people are known to be skeptics

While it might seem completely at the other extreme of adapting, intelligent have this unique dual characteristic. There is resistance to almost everything unless provided with facts.

9. Intelligent people are very curious and unafraid to ask questions

When they don’t know about something, they want to know about it, doesn’t matter how mundane it is. They are curious and have developed the habit of being curious about different matters at hand.

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10. Intelligent people have an uncanny ability to ask thought-provoking questions

They ask the right questions, and they are very quick at asking relevant questions while talking about something. It’s because the processing speed of brain is fast and the brain accepts information very quick. It also implies that they are highly observant.

11. People who are intelligent tend to learn from their mistakes

A cliché, ain’t it? But that’s what intelligent people do best. Not letting mistakes get to the person negatively, but rather turning it into positive and getting insights from them.

12. Intelligent people tend to be more resourceful

One of the signs of evolution is resourcefulness. Intelligent people seem to have that in abundance. They have the working knowledge of everything.

13. Intelligent people are quick to accept their ignorance about a topic or an issue

When intelligent people don’t know about something, they accept that they are ignorant about it and find it as an opportunity to learn about it.

14. Intelligent people’s opinions are based on facts and not beliefs

It is part of being a skeptic. They don’t consider believing something unless there are proper logic and reasoning that states it.

15. Intelligent people are empathetic

Empathy is part of emotional intelligence, and emotionally intelligent people have a way of understanding the need and feelings of others at a very deep level.

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