10 Words of Wisdom For Men – Things All Guys Need to Know

The following are the list of principles for modern men (some might even apply to women too):

1. Calculated aggression and risk taking

Aggression and appetite for risk seem to define men everywhere. But one doesn’t take risks just for the sake of taking the risk. There are a lot of calculations going on in the background. In the modern society that values ambition and success, this might be a problem. Risk aversion is generally avoided, but if you want to take risks, analyze everything first.

2. Mind over matter

It can be difficult to put it into practice. But your mind has huge capacities. It’s all up in your head, whether you want to eradicate bad habits and implement good ones or vice versa. For it, you need to stay alert and conscious about the things you do, the kind of habits you want to inherit and achieve your goals. Perfection is only imaginative, but you will definitely reach far off from what you could be.

3. Confidence

Confidence has a vital role in success. Everyone knows that you can’t be confident if you don’t have a successful track record. But It is something that you can choose to become. Stay confident and believe in your own abilities.

4. Pragmatism

The fundamental of being happy is to dream, to aspire and to become optimistic. However, that doesn’t mean you start dreaming the impossible. Stay practical, think practical. Unless there is a practical implication, there isn’t a point to do it because those things will result in disappointment in the long-run.

5. Ensure your priorities are well-defined

Put your priorities in order and you will realize that it is easier to make decisions. You won’t be distracted by insignificant temptations. Say your academics are the priorities of your life. Then, create structure around you based on achieving goals in your academics. There is no point in excessive socialization or partying or staying idle. They are only mere distractions.

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6. Understand and appreciate your limitations

Some people are genius. They can score over 150 on IQ test, or even read 800 words in a minute. You may not be one of them. But you sure do have qualities that you are good at. Maybe you are a good artist. Maybe you can manage things really well. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

7. Relationships are important, self-dependence is vital

You should know that the only person you can really depend on is yourself. You can’t rely on anybody else but yourself. That’s key to happiest possible life. We all are unique and we have our own priorities, our own values, and belief system. There will be points when the ones you love will let you down, even your parents will someday let you down, not intentionally but inevitably. The sooner you detach, quicker you will reach that state of happiness.

8. True strength isn’t physical, it’s mental

Again, it’s all in the mind. You can’t squat a hundred times if you don’t have that mental strength. It is in the mind that allows you to move across hardships and difficulties in life. You can improve your mental strength by challenging yourself constantly and seeking to achieve your goals and ambitions.

9. Don’t take anything at face value. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

You have to be the sceptic, and maybe developing the sense of skepticism is hard, which might come eventually while growing up. Lies, false hopes and deceit teach us to be a skeptic. How better would life had been if we had elected the right person to guide our country or how a deodorant could really attract girls. It’s unfortunate that we are constantly being lied at. But at one point, we have realized that they are lies. But yet, we are enticed with such things. We need to think before we leap and even if we have to say “No”, we must do it.

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10. Exercise

Exercise is the mantra to staying healthy and reducing stress. People regret not exercising when they had the opportunity to take it as a method of preventing several mental and physical diseases. Exercising invokes clarity in work and having a daily routine would definitely lead to part of happiness in life.

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