3 Ways you are getting screwed while buying a retail mattress

People across the globe are fed up with crazy prices for a mattress, and the only place they now turn to is online to buy mattresses. Few Companies are doing good because a large number of people can turn to it without breaking a sweat or the bank.


The truth is retailers have been ripping off people over the years that can leave people screwed for (Just imagine giving up two months’ salary just to buy a mattress.)

1. You are not just paying for the “mattress”

There is an old saying, “you get what you pay for.” Most of the times, it’s true. Not when you’re buying a mattress at retail stores. What you are paying for includes the advertising cost, the sales commissions, and even the wholesaler profits. In short, you are paying 6-12 times what the cost of production of the mattress.

2. There are some high-pressure sales tactics involved

Today’s retail mattress salesman are yesterday’s snake oil salesmen. They make empty promises, give you money-back guarantees that aren’t what they seem, and push you more towards expensive choices. You are being pushed towards buying “newest and greatest” in mattress innovation, and they confuse you by showing how layers and layers of the mattress are good for you. But the reality is that the more the layers there are in a mattress, more the misery because less air flows through the material due to the layers, and more heat is produced. That means you will be twisting and turning over and over, and will also be disturbing your partner in your sleep.

3. Filmy sounding names are only there to distract you from why you are buying the mattress: TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP

Best Rest in a wonderland. Wonder Cloud Mattress. Feel the Feel. These tags sound amazing that you should break the bank for it, right? Wrong. Salesmen only use these taglines to make you feel warm about the mattress, that you will be “getting the best rest in wonderland.” But the thing is you should only be looking at what it should do: give you the best sleep. Don’t let them get into your head. Choose quality, not fancy names.

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Until now, overpaying for the mattress has been the norm. But it’s time to look into online stores to buy a mattress for cheap, and buy it for what matters: restful nights.

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