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5 interesting ways to use a Drone (humor)

The consumer drone is a handy piece of equipment. Amazon delivering parcels is one example that comes to mind. Don’t know how practical that is but I have a great list of its possible versatility that I would like people to employ. We will use the four fan quadcoptor for all our purposes.

1. Draw water from well


Drawing water from a well is tough on the back. Why do it when there is a drone, getting ever so powerful by the day, at your disposal. Just recline in your armchair near a window and push the buttons away. You live in the country side means you are well off and you still love the taste of the water from the well. Hence can indulge in technology as well as little habits that you like to pass on to the next generation.

2. Fly a kite


Flying a kite is especially tricky. The wind has to be wright and so does your technique. If you tie it to the drone (don’t forget to give the string some lag for genuine experience) it will be that much easier. You then have a kite that you can fly any time you wish. No running a lot, no string cuts and no chances of falling off the roof.

3. Cool your laptop

drone-cooling-laptopLaptops are a nuisance when playing a high graphics games that they simply cannot work without a cooling fan. A drone has multiple fans. Voila!! Just flip it and place it under your laptop and  you will run the pleasant risk of freezing your processors (colloquially speaking).

4. Chop vegetables

drone-chopping-carrotIf the drone is positioned vertically you should be easily able to run your carrots through it producing good slices of them. It may require some practice to produce uniform cuts but is a brilliant idea nevertheless. Actually four people should be able to do the work at the same time on the four fans saving time and allowing a variety of veggies to be sliced.

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5. Kitchen exhaust

dron-exhaustA kitchen can me a smokey place if you like to do your grilling, boiling and frying inside given the storms and blizzards are frequenting like bollywood movies. If you build a makeshift stand for your drone and place it next to a window it should provide useful gusts to drive the plumes out.

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