5 Weird iPhone Apps You May Not Have Seen It Before

Iphones and ipads can do many amazing things only because of apps you download from app store. Using iPhone Apps you can track your expenses,  organize your life, play amazing games and reach any media you would ever want to find.  The Apple App Store can be home to some weird stuff, too. Really weird stuff.

Have a look at these collection of few weird iphone apps you may not have seen it or used it before.

1. Warm Your Hands

The Hand Heater

This app does not provide any heating functionality and is for entertainment purposes only but it will warm the cockles of your heart. There’s a surprise in here that you and your friends are really going to enjoy. Just choose one of the five heater types then press your cold hands to its warmth. You might start hearing voices.

2. iAmAman 

I am a Man will help you with your private life planning. You will know about your girlfriend’s period and her mood. You can plan your dates, evening and even save some money.

You can add several girls. The program helps to avoid misunderstandings and preserve your relationship. Even if your girlfriend accidentally bumps into this application and makes you enter the password – she will be the only one to appear on the list, because “I am a Man” program implies personal passwords for each girl!

3.  iFart Mobile

A fantastically puerile app which transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a virtual fart machine. Laughs and enjoyment to its user.

4. Sleep Machine

 Trouble sleeping? Pop on your headphones or crank up the speakers, then launch Sleep Machine Lite or Sleep Machine Full to soothe you to sleep with a variety of sounds or chilled out tunes. Includes timer, alarm and the ability to mix and match up to three sounds.

5. PrinterShare – Free [Not Weird but useful]

PrinterSharePrint photos, web pages, contacts or the contents of your iPhone’s clipboard on your PC’s printer with the free PrinterShare app. You’ll need to sign up for a free PrinterShare account at www.printershare.com, plus download the server software for your PC or Mac. Once done, you can set up print jobs from anywhere on the internet for processing automatically or when you get home.

Have any in your mind ? help us get more apps in the list in our future collection.

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