7 Mind-Boggling Facts about Euro Cup 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 is really special. Till 1976 there were only 4 teams participated in Euro Finals. Then it was increased to 8 teams in 1980. Since 1996, 16 teams has been playing in the Finals. After 56 years the competition is going to see 24 teams for the first time in the finals. There will be round of 16 for the first time too. Here are some mind-boggling facts about UEFA euro cup 2016.

For the First-Time, There will be 24 Teams Participating.


After 5 Euros since 1996, we will witness 8 additional teams in this Euro 2016. For the first-time 16 teams will advance to the second round, the 2 top teams of each group and the 4 best third place teams.

Gibraltar Entered Qualifications for the Very First Time.

Image credit - wikimedia.org
Image credit – wikimedia.org

Gibraltar is the only team that has never entered the qualification stage before. Gibraltar applied for full UEFA membership and was finally accepted by the UEFA Congress in May 2013. Gibraltar is the smallest UEFA member in terms of population, which is around 30,000.

France Will Host the Tournament for a Record 3rd Time.

Image credit - wikimedia.org
Image credit – wikimedia.org

5 countries placed an official bid for hosting Euro 2016: France , Italy , Turkey,  Norway and Sweden. In the second and last Round of the voting process, 13-member committee had to vote for France or Turkey. France received 7 votes and Turkey 6 votes. It was announced that France would be the hosts of Euro 2016 on may 28, 2010.

Cheapest Euro 2016 Tickets Will Cost €25


The most affordable tickets will cost you €25 . For all the matches except the final itself, you’ll be able to find tickets below €100. The most expensive final ticket will cost  €895.

David Guetta Will Produce Official Euro 2016 Song.

French DJ David Guetta will write and produce the official EURO 2016 song. World famous DJ Guetta will perform at the opening ceremony and he’ll also give a farewell show at the closing ceremony.

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Super Victor is the Official Euro 2016 Mascot.

Image credit - kooora.com
Image credit – kooora.com

In Euro 2012, Spain became the very first country to win the tournament 2 consecutive times by defeating Italy with 4-0! They also won the tournament in 2008 by defeating Germany with 0-1. Spain also won the tournament the long time ago in 1964 by defeating the Soviet Union with 2-1. Although Spain won the tournament 3 times, they are not alone! There is 1 country which also managed to win the Euro 3 times: Germany. They won the tournament in 1996 for the last time by defeating the Czech Republic with 2-1. Germany won Euro 1972 and 1980 as West Germany by defeating the Soviet Union with 3-0 in 1972 and Belgium with 2-1 in 1980. If Spain or Germany wins Euro 2016 in France, then they will have a record win of 4 times

The Champions Will Play the 2017 Confederations Cup.

The champions of Euro 2016 will immediately qualify for the 2017 Confederations hosted in Russia.

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