9 Free Apps/Websites that can make learning fun for Kids

Learning is a continuous process, always. But at an early age, the learning curve is high. For instance, learning any other second language at a young age can provide career opportunities in the future, but at the same time, it gives them a sense of awareness and tolerance.

Learning the hard sciences at an early age is nothing but beneficial. They can learn how to analyze problems, evaluate different options, and apply the right solution to reach the right conclusion by implying the knowledge they have accumulated.

In the modern world, we don’t have to look further than mobile apps and websites to accelerate learning while making it fun at the same time. Here are nine of them that can be useful for your kids:

1. Math Playground (Math)

It’s a website for kids studying from first to sixth grade and as the name suggests, is the “playground” for kids to learn maths. There are tons of logical puzzles, math games, arcade-style games for kids that can help students learn different mathematic subjects such as fractions, functions, percent and many more.

2. Kodable (Coding)

Kodale teaches elementary-aged children about coding. However, it is only available for iPad with iOS 6.0 or later.

It’s a fun game that revolves around aliens known as Fuzzes. So that these Fuzzes can escape, the kids have to program their way out of the maze-filled planet Smeeborg, all which they learn in the app itself. They learn programming concepts such as sequential and algorithmic operations, critical thinking and conditional logic statements.

3. Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments (Chemistry)

Available for iPhones and iPads, Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments shows videos of amazing chemistry experiments. Students can take a quiz after each video so that they can test what they learned in the videos.

4. National Geographic Kids (Geography and Wildlife)

From dinosaurs to wildlife to space, National Geographic Kids contains articles, fun facts, quizzes and surveys that are kid-centric. It is the place to be to learn about geography and nature.

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5. Science Bob (Science Experiments)

To learn about scientific experiments, Science Bob is the website to go to for kids. There are lots of explanatory videos, ideas, science fair project instructions to capture science-based learning for the kids.

6. Duolingo (Language)

Not only for kids, Duolingo is the app to learn different languages for adults as well. There are over 20 languages, including Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese, you can choose from. Not just the level of learning is the high standard but also is fun with illustrations and built-in social component.

7. NASA Kids’ Club (Space)

If you want your kids to learn about space, then this is the website to be in. There are games too. They have to copy space settlement and a journey to Mars. To add, they can also participate in product and space design contests.

8. Imagination Playground 3D Builder (Engineering)

For kids aged 6 to 8, this app is the best one to learn about the fundamental of the building. They get to build architectures of different shapes and sizes by adding layers of blocks and connecting them. After completing their building, they can see if that would hold in real life by switching to Gravity mode. It is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later.

9. Story Chaser (Reading)

To make your kids read faster, Story Chaser is the app to have on your iPhone, iPod or iPad Touch with iOS 8.0 or later. The app teaches kids to read quickly. It can be treated as a game too with reading and earning points together to level up. There is also a social factor where layers can view progress and compare scores.

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