Five Very Useful Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

Planning a vacation is quite a stressful task, which results in a real buzz kill while looking for a relaxing vacation to escape the stress of daily life. And for that tech geniuses have created varieties of apps for helping to plan and execute a trip with convenience. This enables saving of money and time as well! This means you have a travel agent with you wherever you go. So the next time you have a few minutes to kill at long queues or while on public transportation, get these apps and start planning your dream vacation.

Five Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

1. Goibibo Hotel Flights

For: Just in case you love to go through reviews before purchasing or booking anything.

How: Goibibo offers over millions of reviews and helps you to get the lowest airfare and best hotels at the best price. It can be used to search for amazing restaurants and events in the area. You can even filter restaurants by kind of food, cost, and the restaurant’s reviews.

2. Hopper

For: To book the most affordable flight.

How: While planning a trip, the first thing you probably do is scope out airline prices to see if you can afford to fly to the locale of your choice. If you plan in advance and a little flexibility is fine with you, then Hopper gives you an overview of when you can get the best deals on flights and when the best time to purchase them is. You can even save up to 40-45% on your bookings. Choose your routes and the app says about the lowest price available at that point of time and whether you should purchase or wait, and what the latest date by which you should book tickets. You will be notified when prices drop and when they may go up.

3. Google Translate

For: If you are traveling to one such country where you’re not aware of the language, then Google Translate will be your savior.

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How: You can translate up to 103 languages by typing, 52 of them that can be translated without the Internet. For a quick go, a camera can be used to translate texts in 37 languages, making decoding restaurant menus a snap.

4. Tripit

For: Keeps all your tickets and reservations in one space. No more going for printed emails.

How: This app allows you to keep all of your travel confirmations, itineraries, tickets, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations at a single space. It’s kind of a central hub for your travel essentials and you don’t need to search for a confirmation email or booking details again. It can be shared with family and relatives, for security and safety purposes or so they get aware of your flight timings and all.

5. Packing Pro (iOS)

For: It makes sure that you never forget a thing! Also, creates lists based on the temperature of the destination.

How: Using Packing Pro to create a list of all your must-needs is a unique method. It lets you to create lists on the basis of the factors like temperature and trip duration and also reminds you to keep everything starting from sunscreen to cash to your passport.

What are you best travel apps? Do let us know in the comment sections below.

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