7 Traveling Hacks That Will Save You Enough Money On Your Next Trip

Ask a travel junkie and they’d tell you that the sum in their savings account is directly proportional to the splendor of their next vacation. I mean, if traveling came at zero cost, that’s all we’d ever do, right?

But the sad truth is that traveling costs a great deal of money and if you’re not cautious enough, you could wind up spending way more than you need to. On the contrary, smart travelers adhere to cost-saving hacks that make every penny count.

Here’s presenting the offbeat travel hacks that will save you a whole lot of money:

1. Don’t Consider the Prices of Hotel Aggregators as Final.

The tariffs you find online are not necessarily the final ones. It’s better to call the hotel directly and put your persuasion skills to use. See if you can negotiate a bit and get a better deal. You’d be surprised to be acquainted with the fact that it works pretty well.

checking hotel prices

2. Don’t take along anything you won’t be bringing back.

For instance, consumable things like food items, toiletries, and etcetera shouldn’t be carried. You can purchase them after reaching your destination, or if you are taking them along, turn them into small packages. This will not only lessen the weight of your bags but also help you in cutting extra baggage charges.


3. Download all the videos you want to watch before the trip.

Make a point to use the ‘offline’ feature on various video apps and download the videos in advance. This can help your stay entertained throughout your journey without irritable buffering and/or burning your precious data.

Download videos beforehand

4. Plan your vacation during the off-season.

This comes with two advantages: 1) You end up saving a mini fortune on flight and hotel tariffs. 2) You don’t have to deal with the apparently vast number of tourists everywhere. The reasons are convincing enough!

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off season vacationing

5. While searching for flight tickets, use private browsing.

What if I told you that travel and holiday companies make use of the caches and cookies to settle on the maximum possible tariffs they can charge? Well yes! Therefore, it is highly advisable to use private browsing while searching for flights and booking air tickets.

private browsing mode

6. Two words: FREE Wi-Fi.

Wherever you see them, make that place your second home. Like seriously.

free wifi sign board

7. Go on traveling around on a bicycle rather than spending money on the local commute.

You traveled to explore new places! If you are on a solo trip or with your friends that are comfortable with the idea, do it. Rent a bicycle and let the road unwind new places for you.

travel on a bicycle

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