5 Travel Myths You Should Stop Believing

Like anything else, the word ‘Travel’ is too surrounded by various myths. Myths that are totally baseless but yet people tend to believe them. Here, we are trying to bust those myths that revolve around ‘travelling’ and bringing the more real and factual side of traveling to your notice.

1. You have to stop working to travel

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When it comes to traveling, you certainly don’t have to stop working, you just have to plan it right. Manage your holidays, take advantage of the long weekends and put in a request for leaves for long vacations. Taking time off for you is no crime. And it is seen that when you come back after a trip, your level of productivity at work shoots up.

2. Travel is only for the privileged

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Everything costs some money. No travel is free but the idea that people have developed that says, ‘a fun vacation is always an expensive one’, is totally baseless. If you go for fancy dinners, use an i-something, own a car and afford to pop bottles on New Years or anything along those lines, travel is not too expensive, your lifestyle is.

3. You always need a partner to travel with.

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If solo trips are dangerous, how do millions of people travel the world alone and live to tell the tale? Never depend on someone else’s availability to plan your travel. Solo travel is one of the most rewarding forms of travel and if you are open to talking to new people, you’ll realize you were never truly alone. So plan your trip thoroughly and stop worrying.

4. It’s not the right time to travel.

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This sounds like the most convenient excuse. You just cannot make this excuse unless you are pregnant, terminally ill or you’ve got some important exams. The fact is, you do have time to travel, but you are just too lazy to do something different. Take the advice, do it and we guarantee you won’t regret it.

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5.Travel insurance is a waste of money

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You can be cheap with a lot of things when it comes to traveling, insurance should not be one of them.Trips get canceled; people get injured, bad things happen. It is perfectly fine to invest 6 to 8% more in your travel insurance than come back with terrible travel experience.

Don’t let fear paralyze you into staying put. That is even more dangerous for you and your mind.

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