What you Absolutely Shouldn’t do when visiting these Countries

Countries have different cultures and ways of life in general. If you are a traveler then you should definitely take a look at this list to at least avoid embarrassment. You can add more in the comments if you feel something important about your country has been left out.


1. Japan

Don’t tip anyone. No one. NO ONE.Tipping is just not part of the culture. Don’t even leave the small change. People will come running after you with it.

Don’t go into people’s homes with your shoes on.

Don’t talk on your cellphone in trains. While it’s not against the law, it’s considered to be rude since it disturbs people around you.

2. India

Do not kiss in public.

Do not take the taxi on pre-asked fare. They often cheat. Use the meter.

Don’t forget to carry toilet tissue with you. Indian toilets rarely have paper. Indians use water to clean themselves.

Be aware that Indian food is spicy, so explicitly state your intolerance to spice at restaurants, etc.

3. Germany

Don’t do the Nazi salute. Not even in jest. It’s a crime and every year there are tourists arrested for it. Also don’t carry any Nazi symbols on you.

Don’t stare. You’d appear either uneducated or mentally ill.

4. Italy

Do not order a cappuccino or a cafe latte after 11:00 (am).

Never put Chicken in the Pasta!

5. Netherlands

Do not think that all Dutch people are cool with smoking pot and banging prostitutes. It is exactly the opposite of that! Although marijuana is legal, there are very few Dutch people who smoke that. Also, Amsterdam is not exactly reflective of the Dutch life.

Don’t speak German to random Dutch people. They very well know it but they will not like it. Germany and the Netherlands are like BFF these days and the people are also friendly to each other. However, people feel weird or sometimes offended if they are spoken to in German.

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6. Brazil

Don’t make the ‘Okay’ hand gesture – making a circle with your thumb and first finger may have a positive connotation in the rest of the world but has a very offensive meaning in Brazil.

Don’t flaunt your wealth in Brazil as the crime rates are very high and it is better to be safe than sorry.

7. Australia

Don’t underestimate the distances in Australia – remember, Australia is a single country housed in a continent that is almost 60 times the size of England.

Don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent, your best bets to fight the double whammy of the harsh Australian sun and pests like sand flies, houseflies and mosquitoes.

8. China

Don’t create a scene in public in China – the Chinese, a group-oriented lot, get uncomfortable with public outrage. Avoid embarrassing yourself as well as your Chinese host by expressing your anger.

Don’t let someone else pay the bill without fighting for it – the gesture of eagerly wanting to pay the bill is considered good manners in China.

9. United Kingdom

Don’t forget to get your geography right in the UK – the United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Refrain from addressing all the people as English, instead use the terms Britain and British.

Don’t touch the Queen’s guards – be prepared to be severely reprimanded if you touch them or do anything that would pose a threat to them or the Queen.

10. Peru

Do not criticize peruvian food. Seriously, this is maybe the most sacred thing in our country. The one that ties all the people, no matter their social class.

Do not discuss topics related with Chile. Avoid comparisons. A lot of peruvians still perceive this as a sensitive issue since some war we had with them more than 100 years ago (we lost) and still can’t get over it.

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Don’t assume they all dress like incas and ride llamas. The Incas are part of our heritage and history but is in the past. If you want to see llamas go to the highlands, you’ll find a lot of them.

11. Myanmar (Burma)

Do not drive if you are a foreigner even if you hold international driving license because we drive it “the myanmar way” here which most foreigners will never understand.

Myanmar is still in developing stage so there are not many ATMs and cashless payment systems in the country yet. Always bring bulk of cash with you and remember that those paper notes must be new and Spotless.

12. Singapore

Don’t complain to a local. They take pride in their ability to bitch. Don’t start a competition.

Don’t wear anything that isn’t a loose t-shirt and shorts barring the possibility of financial distress. The weather’s so bad, there will be much swearing and gnashing of teeth.

Don’t litter. At least, don’t get caught. Your services to our nation will go entirely unnoticed.

If you are giving a woman flowers, avoid an even number of flowers in a bouquet or chrysanthemums. They are for dead people.

13. Canada

Don’t skip vowels. Look at the word ABOUT. There’s an O AND A U in there. Don’t skip them. Don’t pronounce them like a short A. AB-OUT. ABOUT.

Don’t mention the USA. Just don’t. If a Canadian mentions it just act like they didn’t bring it up. Unless the topic of discussion is the War of 1812 in which case you may mention the Siege of Detroit.

14. Thailand

Do not say anything negative about the king of Thailand and the royal family. Most people love the king. If you say something bad about the king, people will hate you. You can also go to jail.

Do not assume that all women walking on streets are prostitutes. I got called once, totally NOT cool.

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Do not get into a taxi if the driver doesn’t use the meter. Also, be careful when you catch a taxi, and always make sure that you know the direction.

Do not assume that Thailand is a safe country. Be careful especially at night. Do not walk in a soi (alley) at night. Do not involve in a fight in nightclubs. You may get shot.

15. Turkey

Do not buy a small carpet for 40$, unless you converted to Islam. It is not a carpet, it is a Prayer rug.

While sober, do not eat the (in)famous “wet burger”. They are meant to be consumed after getting drunk. That is why they taste so good.

To men: Do not run away if a Turkish man kisses you on the cheek, once on one cheek, once on the other. That’s the norm. Do not inquire if it reflects some hidden homosexual tendencies. It does not, and even if it does, you don’t want to know.

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