Believe it or not, an aptly named alcohol, Anti-Agin does exactly that

It claims to “help smooth cellulite,” among other things. There. But is that all to anti ageing though ? “Anti-AGin” makes the bizarre claim that drinking it will smooth your wrinkles. They say it will make you look more youthful because it is distilled with ingestible collagen and “age-defying” botanicals.

Dining on collagen — the protein that holds your whole body together — is nothing new, however. In Japan, a burgeoning number of “beauty restaurants” have long been serving food containing chunks of collagen, and supermarkets have been responding to growing demand for collagen-rich foods, such as sweets and noodles.


The drink was created by Warner Leisure Hotels in collaboration with Bompas & Parr, and is on sale for $50 at all thirteen hotel locations in the UK and online at drinksupermarket.com.

While we’re all for having a good night out and feeling younger, as well as hungover, it’s important to note that no scientific studies have been done into the effectiveness of the gin as an anti-ageing product. In fact, many studies have shown that alcohol can accelerate the ageing of your skin. Still, if you’re drinking gin anyway, you may as well give it a shot to see if the years fall off. A win win I guess.

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