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The best countries to live and settle down in 2016

Violence and criminal activities have been increasing day by day and the planet is getting more unsafe gradually. Human nature is to search for a peaceful place to reside and settle down and live the rest of their life happily. Ever wonder is there any country where you can live your life without hearing about any crime and misdeed?If you wonder then here are the most peaceful countries to live in.
All the countries are selected on the basis of Global Peace Index 2016 without any biases.

1. Iceland

country 1The 1.192 2 Global peace Index makes the Iceland the number one country to live in. The cascading waterfalls, northern lights, and dreamy landscapes ate only the beginning of Iceland. The food and its cuisine along with its hospitality give it a better charm. The safest and peaceful country to live, with one of the highest number in world happiness, reports people here live without any fear leaving their babies outside the restaurants. The literacy rate is almost 100 and it is a great place to raise your kids. There is no army in Iceland and the crime rate is totally zero. The bank functions without any policeman. In summer the sun never goes off, might for only for few hours. There are many amusing facts and places which will make your visit much longer day by day. Do settle in Iceland as it is the most resilient city with the resilient people residing there. PS: You should celebrate Christmas at Iceland; it would be the best day of your life.

2. Denmark


Denmark is the second most peaceful country with 1.246 3 Global Peace Index. Denmark is regarded as the best country to raise the child and the best country for women to live in. The people in Denmark enjoy a high quality of life with a good place for education and a healthy environment. It is regarded as the least corrupted country in the world. Denmark is very popular for its food and cycling as well. It is one of the tourist destinations for a holiday in a peaceful and calm environment. It is very popular for its incredible architecture. They have beautiful universities encouraging youth to study. It is believed that they have the happiest employees in the world because of their working environment. So you can start your life or rest your retirement at Denmark.

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3. Austria


The Global Peace Index is 1.278 4 in Austria. It is popular because of its meadows and mountains. It is a very safe place to live in with a very few crime rate. The focus is given to art and culture which are worth to watch and appreciate. The city of Vienna and its lifestyles speaks it all why you should visit and settle in Austria. Believe me, visit Vienna Once in your life, you will not want to come back.

4. New Zealand


The global Peace Index is 1.2875. It is the most planned and well-engineered city with a breathtaking view. The landscape of New Zealand is gifted. It consists of two main islands. You can explore some of the finest trekking in the world. It’s a good destination for the people loving bungy and adventure sports and holiday. You can fly over the glacier and find an amazing experience for cycling. It’s totally worth a visit and totally a dream come true if you could settle over here.

5. Portugal

Porto, Portugal old town skyline from across the Douro River.

6. Czech Republic

country6With the Global Peace Index with 1.3607 Czech Republic is a magnificent place to reside. The breathtaking nature and the enormous beauty and elegant of Prague city will hold you back in the Czech Republic. It is very cheaper to live here because of the main attraction, business centres are nearby. Transportation service is well managed and very much efficient. The beauty of Czech Republic is that it is situated and surrounded by the beauty of mountains. This is the best place for nature lover.

7. Switzerland

country7The Global Peace Index is 1.3708 here. It is one of the most expensive countries having highest per capita GDP in the world. What more you can ask for, this country provides you with better safety, wealth, health, trust and better quality of life. The people here live longer. The chocolate and watches are worldwide popular.

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8. Canada

country8Do you know that Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world? With the 1.3889 Global Peace Index, it has the highest immigrant’s rate per capita in the world. More than 20% of the population has resided with foreigners. The most interesting and attractive thing about Canada is that it offers Universal Public health Insurance at very reasonable price. If you think of settling in Canada then you can be obvious that you will get three things for sure which is calmness, peaceful and high quality of life.

9. Japan

country9 With Global Peace Index of 1.395 Japan is very much safe and full of life. It is rich in culture and its culture is what which attracts and have been attracting the people for many years. Their respect for each other is very much and they are very humble people. The crime rate is very low. Possessions of Firearms are discouraged strictly by law. There are many places for tourist attractions and beautiful nature backs it up. Such high regard for culture has made them the peaceful country to live.

10. Slovenia


The global peace index of Slovenia is 1.408. The country known for its beauty of mountains, lakes and a place for a holiday in ski resorts offers you a good quality of life and peaceful environment. Fascinating arts and culture give you a good vibe always and it is very popular for sports as well. Being on a border of eastern and western Europe you are lucky to get the both feelings.


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