Seven Step Solution To End Your Quest For Peace

If you are suffering from anxiety or if your mind is always in an overdrive mode and your quest for peace doesn’t seem to end, here’s the 7-step solution to achieve peace.

Step One: Realization

The basis of the following steps and the foundation of life, realize that you are suffering through anxiety. Accept your mental or physical condition and acknowledge that you are suffering from it and that you need peace.

Step Two: Brace Yourself & Hold Back

Before rushing towards everything, hold on for some time and wait for a while. The truth is you cannot have everything at one time. Yes, it’s not easy to convince your mind of the same, but you need to focus on one thing at a time. Brace yourself and give yourself some time. Relax, calm yourself and take peace.

Step Three: Move Out of Monotony

The cause of anxiety is monotony. And it breeds in claustrophobically confined places. So, you better move out of monotony. Get moving a little. It doesn’t imply that you need to change your house or anything, just take a break or move to a friend’s place for some time. Or simply break the monotony of life. Breathe!

Step Four: Healthy Food Intake

Okay, so before the term ‘dieting’’ gets in your mind, let me say “don’t”. Eat healthy food and learn to enjoy your food. Relish on your favorite foods and restaurants and consume tropical fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorites, just keep your portions balanced.

Step Five: Work Out

Well, before you start to think it is important to get in good shape, there are more benefits as well. Exercise helps in refreshing your mind and helps improve the blood flow. If you don’t exercise much, your mind will go into “anxious” mode. When you exercise, endorphins (happy hormones) are released that keep the mind calm and peaceful. Hit the park, not the gym. Just exercise for half an hour every day and see the difference.

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Step Six: Make New Friends

Go around and attend social gatherings. Make new friends with whom you can talk about different things, You don’t have to declare your anxiety to them, but having a circle of friends who can understand your condition but do not judge you. Enjoy with them.

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Step Seven: Proper Sleep

Of course, this has been a part of almost every solution ever declared but undeniably true it is. Yes, most anxiety-ridden people have difficulty in sleeping, but this works. Tire and push yourself to sleep. The mind wants to rest and if it’s always wandering to different places, there’s no way it can relax and get you peace.

Tip: Try counting backward, it helps to sleep. Or keep staring at a wall till your eyes feel tired. Do it for three times, you’ll feel sleepy.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, make sure you want to get out your anxiety zone, if you want peace, think about it and work for it.

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