11 easy techniques you can use to relax if you’re too busy with your life

We are busy people. We don’t have time. We don’t have time for ourselves, we don’t have time to keep ourselves fit and healthy. That’s the complaints of most of us these days.

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But we know it’s important to keep ourselves fit and healthy, and also distress when we are busy.  Perhaps, these 11 relaxation techniques can help you if you are that busy:

1. Learn some deep breathing techniques

If you want to relax, deep breathing is the ninja technique for you. When we are stressed, our body is not getting enough oxygen, and because of that, our other organs don’t perform to its level. Wherever you are – be it in a traffic or working on your desk – you can use this technique. All you got to do is breathe deep through your nose and exhale slowly out through your mouth at least five times. Your body will definitely start feeling relaxed.

If you are sitting, stand for a while when you do so. Your blood flow will be even better and it can help you feel rejuvenated.

2. Put on some classical music

Classical music has been scientifically proven to have healing effects. There is nothing better than classical music to settle your mood when you’re stressed. People also use it in the background so that they can stay concentrated while working and keep their mind in balance. You might be surprised to know that many surgeons play classical music while they are performing surgery.

3. Get Up, Stand Up

When your body becomes active physically, it starts pumping endorphins that can make your feel great and increase your energy levels. With that, your stress level can decrease too.

Especially if you are on a desk job, take a stroll across the street at times, and breathe in some air. It is necessary to balance out the sedentary day. If you can spare out an hour or so on your busy schedule, hitting the gym can do wonders for you.

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4. Practice Meditation

Our mind is conscious all the time when are busy. We start thinking about everything: what is happening now, why is it happening, what happened last night or the year before, what are the next steps to take. It’s a constant loop that you will be in.

At times, you need to clear those thoughts out and the best way to do so is to meditate. If you have a separate office space for you, close it and do some meditation for at least ten minutes to get those thoughts out of your mind.

5. Try Yoga

It’s a practice that is said to have the combination of breathing, meditation, and a connection between body and mind, which ultimately is to keep your mind and body balanced. If you can’t take the classes, there are a lot of YouTube videos you can watch to try new positions which can help you destress and relax in your office space.

6. Make time for your friends

When you are too busy, you would definitely need some support and perspective. No better place to go to than your friends. It could also be a perfect distraction from your busy life.

7. Walk across your street

Take some time and walk around your neighborhood. Let a small part of nature in the rural area touch you: the smells of flowers, the rain, the soil, the plants, the birds, anything that’s got to do with nature.

8. Go for a swim

Along with exercise, swimming can be a great way of relaxing. Even if you don’t want to move across the water, just float around the pool or a swimming hole and listen to the sounds of water.

9. Take some candlelit bath

You might not always be able to go for a walk or a swim or meet your friends. But when you get home, you surely can take a nice bath. Sprinkle some salt in your bath, light some candles, stop thinking about the day, and enjoy your bath.

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If you feel like, you can also enjoy a good glass of wine and get your own time.

10. Learn some gardening

You can also start developing gardening as your hobby. Start planting some flowers and work in the soil. You will feel connected with nature and can also use it as a way of therapy. If you have some space in the backyard, then even better. You can sit on it and read something.

11. Spend a day without technology

We have been too accustomed to technology that we seek to use our gadgets whenever we have time. They are only interference and distractions. Spend a day without it and feel the difference.

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