Get to know about a few baffling things that take place after we Sleep

Everbody loves sleeping to an extent that if given a boon most of us would ask for a peaceful sleep! But as we are in the world of our dreams some mysterious things happen inside and outside our body. Some of these happenings have even rendered science speechless. We bet that if not all but most of us might have experienced some strange and irksome sensations during our sleep. What are these unpleasant happenings? Let’s scroll down to learn about things that take place after we Sleep.

Hypnagogic Illusions

things that take place after we Sleep
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Quite a times when we are on the verge of sleeping yet awake, we tend to see weird shapes and creatures. These are hallucinations which people with great imagination get. Not only this but a healthy mind at times also has an encounter with these illusions. Ever wondered why a baby nags while sleeping? You got your answer!

The Great Fall

things that take place after we Sleep
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More than 70% of the population has undergone the sensation of falling off from an unknown place to the own bed. These sensations are known as hypnagogic jerks. As a result of this fall, we are enveloped in the clouds of fear. Our heartbeat increases and we are left in a sudden shock.

Sleep Paralysis

things that take place after we Sleep

Our brain is not in the off mode while our muscles are, this is when sleep paralysis comes into the picture. The moment is completely terrifying and to your horror, you can do nothing about this.It feels as if a heavy object has been placed on your chest and you have no way to breathe. Some say these are the games played by the evil spirits as during this course people see non-existent things.

Recurring Dreams

things that take place after we Sleep

The recurring dreams are a way of conveying you the message that there is something really important in your life that has been left unacknowledged. These are connected to the unresolved psychological issues which your brain tries to resolve. The dreams keep on returning till the time you haven’t worked towards finding a solution to the particular thing which they are all about.

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Exploding Head Syndrome

things that take place after we Sleep
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Similar to a stroke, the person wakes up with a loud explosion of noise like a gunshot or so. This can also happen due to a flash of light. Though it isn’t deadly it often scares people. It is parasomnia which involves undesirable events that come along the sleep.

Out of the Body Experience

things that take place after we Sleep

Ever seen yourself sleeping from some other place? If yes, then you have undergone an out of the body experience. This usually happens when you are half asleep and half awake. A breakdown within the states of consciousness takes place and you see yourself moving towards some strokes of light or a tunnel. There is no scientific reason to this.

Sleep Talking

things that take place after we Sleep

Except for the fact that the person may speak out all his secrets, there are no threats related to this psychological problem. Men and children are often seen caught in the web of sleep talking. The reason behind this might be the increased level of stress in adults.

So, tonight you hit the sack beware you might undergo one or the two!

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