4 Reasons That Prove Google Maps Is Your Best Travel Guide

So have you’ve chosen a destination, booked accommodation, and have requested time off of your job for the coming vacations? Although it’s quite exciting to wanderlust with no real plan, but with a list of your favorite spots so that you get the most out of your trip. That’s where Google Maps helps you out! There are numerous ways to use Google Maps that could make your vacation the “best vacation ever” without taking much stress.

Frankly speaking, Google has taught me a lot and without it, I don’t think I could discover so many new areas which even the travel websites don’t tell you about. So now let me share how Google Maps have helped me and how it can be helpful to you too!

1. You can “star” your searches

If you’re planning for vacations then you must’ve already browsed favorite websites. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could save your searches in a unique manner? Google Maps comes with a feature to “star” your searches. So, by saving your search and by adding a star to it, your trip would complete all the starred locations. A quick search and star of that location within Google Maps ensure you won’t forget it during your travel.

2. Make your own routes!

When you’re planning a trip that involves a lot of pre-planning just like a long road trip, Google Maps is a blessing that every traveler wish to get. It has a unique feature to create custom maps that can be shared as well. You can easily locate beautiful stops and places to eat and spend the night are situated along your route.

3. Why need a guide?

Apart from finding the quickest route, Google Maps offer much more. You can check the pictures of your destination, you can get the reservations and reviews, read Wikipedia’s synopsis of any location. So much in just one place! Cool, isn’t it?

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4. Pin your locations by making them a bookmark

While traveling to new places always gear up your zeal to discover new cultures, food and traveling around new places. Even the most systematic pre-trip planners are sure to stumble upon a picturesque spot that they wouldn’t have expected. And once home it’s easy to forget the name of certain restaurant or location but if you “bookmark” the spot while traveling or even you bookmark it beforehand, Google Maps becomes a virtual brochure of your travels for future reference.

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So what is your favorite tech hack for travel? Do share with us!

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