Facebook Cover Videos – A big scope for marketers to gain consumer attention

Proving to be one of the biggest scopes for digital marketers, Facebook is home to 2.01 billion active users. Every business, big or small, now has an active presence on Facebook. Facebook is also constantly releasing new features like Facebook Cover Videos to facilitate one of their largest consumer group – the marketers.

Facebook cover videos – the next gem for marketers

With the availability of multiple alternatives to every service and product, businesses are fighting for customers, against their adversary. A wide audience and a tight competition has required the marketers to struggle for attention and engagement. Facebook now hits a new milestone by launching Facebook Cover Videos to address marketer’s increasing need to drive and maintain traffic on their Facebook page.

FB cover videos was first used brilliantly by the Narcos – one of Netflix’s famous series.

The release of videos for page cover has changed the way a brand markets itself on Facebook. Videos have become the most desired form of content in the field of media. Motion pictures is the technology this dynamic world craves to see and experience everywhere. This is one of the major reasons why Facebook came up with the Facebook cover video feature.

“By making cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interactions and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent spaces: your Page cover” – Facebook

Videos are dynamic and exciting as compared to their commonplace counterpart – static images. Cover videos are a great way to grab the user’s attention; as it is the first thing a visitor will see when they land on the business’s FB page. Cover Videos, when done right, gains attention rather than seeking one from the audience.

Creating a perfect Fb Cover video is tedious

Having a feature that supports videos in the cover is easier said, than done. There are many things to be considered. Images, on one hand, can set perfectly to the described area but it isn’t the case with videos. Producing appealing videos require more expertise and skill. Most businesses usually hire professional videographers to shoot and edit a perfect movie that they will use as cover video and also do it yourself with the help of a free video editor. Businesses also have to take the size and resolution of the video into consideration such that all the important contents are included within the given aspect ratio and not chopped off the screen. Hence, making the whole approach way more tiresome than having a cover photo.

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A quick-fix to your headache – FB cover video maker

Realising the needs of the current world, Picovico – the Video Maker – has come up with a solution to provide a hassle-free and exquisite approach to fb cover video making. It turns your photos and video-clips into amazing cover videos with music and voice-over that exactly fits the Facebook’s cover area. No cropping or adjustment and expertise are needed to create a stunning video; meaning, even a layman can create an equally beautiful video with minimal effort and cost. For now, Picovico offers two different styles in which you can create a cover video for your business page.

Final Words

With the release of videos as a Facebook cover, business possibilities are transcended. Businesses now have an independent slot to display the user-desired content – the dynamic Videos! Fb Cover Videos are interesting and engaging and intrigue the visitors to learn more about the business and its services. The Facebook cover video is a great feature to closely engage with visitors and convert them into potential leads.

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