Fasting Helps You Live Longer & Healthier Life

Fasting or restricting eating and drinking for varying periods of time has been a practice for generations in many regions of the world. The practice has its roots in religion, but the health benefits reach beyond any spiritual origins.

In recent years, however, the practice has gained popularity among those looking to lose a few pounds, boost heart health and live longer. People say that fasting helps in adding up years in your life but is it really true? Well, I consider that fasting does help in reducing many body problems which ultimately results in adding up years.

Heart health

Fasting Helps In Living A Longer & Healthier Life

Obesity is seen in every three adults these days. It is a risk factor for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions. The connection between a healthy heart and intermittent fasting is still unclear, but studies suggest that those who followed a fasting regimen had a healthier heart than those who didn’t. Fasting appears to reduce “bad” cholesterol, inflammation and insulin resistance, all of which contributes to heart disease. Along with those shedding extra pounds from your body also reduces the risk of heart disease and heart disease-related risks. If fasting boosts weight loss, it could up your heart health, too.


Weight loss

Fasting Helps In Living A Longer & Healthier Life

One of the benefits of intermittent fasting is weight loss and weight management. This is important for people living with excess pounds. A healthy weight is important to living a healthy life and can decrease the risk of conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes. Cutting calorie intake by 20 and 40 percent can promote weight loss and it is found that restricting calories on alternate days reduced body weight by 8 percent over and the eight-week period which results in a healthier body.


Live longer

Fasting Helps In Living A Longer & Healthier Life

Many studies suggest that caloric restriction can lengthen your life and improve health in future. How it works isn’t clear, but fasting seems to fight the effects of aging at the cellular level reducing damage to DNA, boosting stem-cell production and even protecting brain cells.

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