Some of the flourishing sites established by Lord Rama’s brothers

Ramayana is one of the largest and one of the oldest Hindu epics. Our today’s focus is Ramayana and the descendants of the three brothers of Lord Rama – LakshmanaShatrughna, and Bharata. We will also try to find out if the descendants of Ramayana in Mahabharata have been identified so far Going forward.

Who occupied what?

According to the ancient India’s records, Rama’s descendants and his brothers are accredited with founding great Indian cities and for ruling great Indian kingdoms in the Western and Northern India. Most of the names are familiar to us today. These kingdoms were founded by Rama and his brothers and it was later the sons of BharataLakshmana, and Shatrughan along with Lava and Kusha (Rama’s son) who were installed on orders of Lord Rama and his brothers to rule their respective empires.



Bharata is the founder of the city Takshashila (the center of Takshashila University), now in Pakistan known as TaxilaTakshilla was an ancient city in North India and hosted site of the famous international university. The city had abundant wealth at the time of the epic Ramayana.

Bharat’s two sons are Taksha and Pushkala who established flourishing kingdoms on two sides of the Indus River. Taksha founded Takshashila on the behest of Rama and his father BharataPushkalaBharata’s second son founded Pushkalavati, the capital of Gandhara Kingdom (the Mahabharata Kingdom).


Lakshmana is the founder of Lakshmana Puri, modern day Lucknow. The rich heritage of Lucknow city can be traced back to the roots of the Suryavanshi Dynasty and it was Lakshmana, who founded this ancient city. The city was then an elevated piece of land lying vacant near the Gomti River and was called Lakshmanpur.

Lakshmana’s first son Angada ruled the kingdom of Karupada in Odisha in the Eastern region of India.

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Chandraketu owned the Malwa country. While helping his son Angada to establish own Kingdom in KaprupadaLakshama stayed away from Rama and returned to Ayodhya after that. This one year was significant as it was the only time when Lakshmana stayed separate from Rama.

It is said that Rama was very particular about the lands to be given to the right ruler based on personal characteristics and their ability to rule. “O son of Sumitra (Lakshmana), your these two sons are knower Dharma (Law and righteousness) – (named) Angada and Chandraketu, possessed of firm fortitude (for the protection) of their kingdoms. I shall consecrate these two, find out a suitable region, that is enjoyable and where the two archers may remain happily without being obstructed. O gracious one, find out that place, where the kings are not tormented and the hermitages are well-protected and we may not be at fault (later).” (Valmiki Ramayana, Uttara Kanda, Canto CII, Sloka 2-



Shatrughana slays a demon called Lavanasura (Nephew of Ravana) and claims Mathura, yes, the famous birthplace of Krishna which was a forest (Madhuvana) before the city was discovered by ShatrughanaSatrughna two sons were Suvahu and SatrughatiSuvahu was appointed the King of Mathura and Satrughati was appointed the King of Vidisha.

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