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  • Some of the flourishing sites established by Lord Rama’s brothers

    Ramayana is one of the largest and one of the oldest Hindu epics. Our today’s focus is Ramayana and the descendants of the three brothers of Lord Rama – Lakshmana, Shatrughna, and Bharata. We will also try to find out if the descendants of Ramayana in Mahabharata have been identified so far Going forward. Who occupied what? According […]

  • The Unstated Facts about The Ten-headed Demon – Ravana

    Between the Maryadapurush Ram, the diligent wife, and mother- Sita who faced the wrath of the society and the faithful Hanuman, often the story of Ravana has been portrayed as the typical bad guy. With very little backstory to the complex personality. Here are a few facts that perhaps you didn’t know about the ten […]