9 Unknown Truths You Probably Didn’t Know About Ravana

Ravana is often considered as an evil character in the Ramayana. However, the truth is we can’t really classify him as completely good or bad. Like every other mortal being, even he had his shades of gray. Although, it’s quite true that he was the most dexterous, but he was one of the most interesting characters in the Ramayana.

Here are 9 Truths of Ravana That Will Change Your Perspective About Him:

1. Ravana was not a Rakshasa or a Brahmin by birth. In reality, his father was a Rishi, Brahmin

In reality, his father was a Rishi, Brahmin Vishrava, and mother was a Kshatriya Rakshasa, Kaikesi. He was also known as Brahmarakshasa- someone who possesses the intelligence and power of a Brahmin and a Rakshasa together.

2. His ultimate airplane, the Pushpak Vimana, is extremely popular.

But what is not much known is that Ravana had several such airplanes and even had airports for them. Weragantota in Mahiyangana, Thotupola Kanda at Horton Plains and Gurulupotha in Mahiyangana are some of the areas in Sri Lanka that are still denoted as the airports which Ravana used.

3. His ten heads are the symbol of his God-like proficiency in the Vedas and the Shastras.

He also acquired the highest degree of knowledge in astronomy and had the power to control the planetary movements.

4. Hard to believe that, Ravana wasn’t a cruel ruler.

Although he took over Sri Lanka by force from his stepbrother Kubera, he was said to be the most influential Sri Lankan ruler ever. His reign over Sri Lanka is considered as the most prosperous era of Lanka.

5. His strength was unbelievable.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that he could move the seas and split the mountains tops. He fought Indra’s thunderbolt, the tusks of Indra’s elephant Airavata, and the discus of Vishnu.

6. Ravana was almost invincible.

Lord Brahma blessed him with a boon that no God, demon, kinnar or Gandharva could ever kill him.

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7. His devotion to Lord Shiva is well described everywhere.

But the not so known fact is that he once tried to uproot Mount Kailash to which Lord Shiva pinned him under his toe and made him suffer for his crime for around 9 years. It was only after this that he became a loyal devotee of Lord Shiva. Also, that time Shiva gave him his name Ravana.

8. He is said to be the Emperor of the Three Worlds.

With his might and intelligence combined, Ravana had not only conquered humans but also celestials and other demons making him the king of asuras in three different worlds.

9. With years of dedication, Ravana had become so mighty that he could literally control the sunrise and sunset time.

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