Was Ravana Kidnapping Sita A Pre-decided Act?

Even the youngest member of the Indian families knows that Sita was abducted by Ravana and the reason we have told them shapes kidnapping of Sita into a revenge taken by Ravana on behalf of his sister. The question that frames here is that whether the chopping of nose and ears of Shurpanakha by Lakshmana the only reason behind why Ravana kidnaps Sita or it has some deeper secrets? We all believe that everything that happens in our life is pre-decided. So why not this?

There are many reasons for why Ravana kidnaps Sita. Here are a few of them which qualify as the reasons behind calling the abduction a pre-decided act.

1. The Story of Vedavati

why Ravana kidnaps Sita

Vedavati, the daughter of Brahmarishi Kusadhvaja was performing Tapasya in order to win Lord Vishnu as her husband in the next birth. Baffled by her beauty, Ravana interrupted her Tapasya and proposed to her. His each attempt was faced by a disconcerting NO. Outraged by her reaction, he pulled her off from her hair and mocked her devotion for Vishnu. Highly incensed by the shameful act of Ravana she cuts off her hair, enters the fire saying that she would return in her next life to become the reason of his death.

It was Vedavati who in her next life was born as Sita, whose abduction became the reason for Ravana’s death. 

why Ravana kidnaps Sita

According to some versions of Ramayana, Vedavati is born as Maya Sita, who replaces the real Sita, gets abducted by Ravana, while the later reside in the fire and both exchange places during the Agni Pariksha.

2. Shurpanakha’s hidden revenge

why Ravana kidnaps Sita
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She had her own axe to grind. Her husband, Dushtabudhi was killed by Ravana as his greed for power grew with time. Shurpankha became a widow henceforth wanted to avenge his brother. She was meek in front of his high-powered stature, therefore waited for the right occasion. As time passed, she heard about Rama who had killed her grandmother Tataka and uncle Subahu.To this, she was left gobsmacked and her hopes of revenge grew stronger.She sowed the seed of enmity between Lord Rama and Ravana. Sita was made a captive by Ravana. Furthermore, things moulded in a way that her revenge was completed as the monarch, Ravana counted his last breath.

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why Ravana kidnaps Sita

3. The attainment of Moksha

why Ravana kidnaps Sita

Ravan knew that he was destined to die at the hands of an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, something that would help him let go of his demonic soul and henceforth, will make him attain moksha. This becomes another reason behind why Ravana Kidnaps Sita. Her abduction weaved the further scenarios which led to his death.

why Ravana kidnaps Sita

These incidents based on different extracts from different versions of Ramayana make us believe that Sita’s Kidnapping was something that was supposed to happen!

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