How To Get OnePlus one Invite – OnePlus Invitation

2014 was a great year for Chinese smartphone manufacturer, and OnePlus became best Android smartphone in 2014. Everyone who are fan of Android and Cyanogen probably want to get OnePlus One. OnePlus one is cheaper and feature rich as compare to other smartphone like HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 , LG and even iPhone 6.

One interesting thing OnePlus did is they don’t sell through retailers , to buy OnePlus One, you need to get an Invitation. Once you get Invitation link, you can orger the phone within 24 hours and get delivered in your address within few days of order.

Before you ask for OnePlus Invitation, you have to signup for an OnePlus account in their website, Oneplus.net.  OnePlus is offering the opportunity to engage in some marketing of your own for a chance to get an invite.

How to Get OnePlus Invitation Link ?

Here is what i did to get an invitation link,

  • Signup for Oneplus Forums
  • Participated in thread, where people are talking about Invite link
  • I got email with the link from Oneplus


There are few other ways to get invitation,

  • Follow Oneplus in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media
  • Comment and discuss on their activity
  • Participate on contests and promotions
  • If you are lucky , you can get invitation
  • Or ask for the friend who already purchased OnePlus, one who purchase OPO, they have 2 invitation to share with their friend.

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