OnePlus can sell the OnePlus One in India again

OnePlus experienced a major let down a short while ago when an agreement between Cyanogen and Micromax led to the ban of sales of the Chinese Smartphone OnePlus One in India. Now the ban has been lifted and OnePlus will be able to start importing and selling OnePlus One again.

At the heart of the issue is the Cyanogen operating system, which the OnePlus One uses in all countries outside of China. Micromax, an Indian smartphone maker, objected to sales of the One because it had signed an exclusive distribution deal with Cyanogen in India for its Yu series.

The decision to lift the ban comes from the opinion that fellow smartphone manufacturer Micromax, with its ‘exclusive right to use Cyanogen’s custom Android software’ within India, is not actually in competition with OnePlus in the market. Micromax primarily produces phones for the low end market, where OnePlus has been deemed to target the high end market.

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via – AndroidAuthority.com

It’s not clear, however, how long OnePlus will be able to continue selling its phones in India. The New Delhi court plans to hear the case again on January 7 and has ordered OnePlus and Cyanogen to file written statements and documents before then, according to The Economic Times.

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