Goddess Lakshmi qualities to inspire an individual 2.0

Goddess Lakshmi is broadly associated with wealth and if we try and understand the depths of this one word, what wealth means in the real sense, we can have a more fulfilling life. Because wealth is not only money or something material, it is much beyond it. For example, we need money but how do we acquire that money or spend the money, define’s our individual characteristics.


Only material wealth and the means to acquire can make us a good or a bad human being. And, sometimes our own definition of righteousness can make us feel good about doing something and for others; it may still be a sin. This is why humans are so full of contrasts and difference in the opinion. Like, if one person thinks it is okay to go out of the family way and follow his/her own dreams, some people will say he is right and others would say, he/she does not respect own parents.

So what is really the right and a wrong? We can’t really say but to choose your life’s path carefully, the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi will surely inspire you and if you adapt to it in a practical manner of life, it will keep your conscience clear, a precursor to feeling happy, confident and joyful. Because if you are not happy yourself, you cannot keep others around you happy, no matter what we say that, you did right to follow your dreams or you did a wrong to leave aside your family’s wish.

The eight divine forms of Goddess Lakshmi or Ashta-Lakshmi include

Goddess Lakshmi
  1. Aadi-Lakshmi (The Primeval Goddess) or Maha Lakshmi (The Great Goddess)
  2. Dhana-Lakshmi or Aishwarya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth)
  3. Dhaanya-Lakshmi (Goddess of Food Grains)
  4. Gaja-Lakshmi (The Elephant Goddess)
  5. Santana-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Progeny)
  6. Veera-Lakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Valor and Courage)
  7. Vidya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Knowledge)
  8. Vijaya-Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Victory)
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Qualities of Goddess Lakshmi

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Respect self-intelligence and put it to wise use for yourself and people around you. The old saying that wisdom and knowledge need to be shared is seldom practiced in real life. But it should be done for the larger good of the humanity and the society. Remember, nobody is a 10/10, so what you don’t have, others may be doing it better and vice-versa. Acknowledge and respect self and others for their talent or intelligence.

Respect others

Your wealth and prosperity is your personal possession but is not meant to be held to your chest. It is good to be kind and generous and be able to help each other. Also, it reflects on your attitude and towards others. You should respect people for what they are and avoid living in the notion that you are superior because you have too much money or too much knowledge, for example. If you show respect then only you earn recept. Remember, people always reciprocate.

Live in harmony

Goddess Lakshmi also inspires us to live in harmony and this one principle extends to the husband and wife relationship as well. It cannot always be a smooth going like no fights between the husband and wife but if you have genuine love and respect for each other, it will always be a good life. Respect and love are two sides of the same coin and respect can be without love but love is incomplete without respect for each other.

Regard your own wealth

Respect your wealth and this includes material wealth as well because you have worked hard for it. If you have ample money, it is good, but don’t be foolish in bragging about it because as soon as you do that, you are disrespecting your own effort and perhaps, digressing from the right path of working hard or earning more. As long as you know the value of money, you will spend it wisely and follow the right way to achieve more in life.

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Be bold and brave

It is good to be bold and take risks in life. If you are determined and committed, you will have a strong focus and be able to achieve the ultimate for yourself. Life has no meaning without any self-goals and ambition and by this, we mean to include every small or big goal you have. This way you value life and show respect to life and thus, God.

Appreciate small things in life

Appreciate the beauty in you and around you. It can be facial beauty or appreciating the beauty of nature or taking small pleasures in life like enjoying a cup of coffee at home or feeling excited about the first car you buy. It is a mental state of bliss and happiness.

Live with a positive attitude

Adopt a positive attitude to life and this should be accompanied by modesty, humbleness, and respect for humanity. All this may sound a bit overrated to you, but once you do it, you will find instant bliss and the way to live life to the fullest. The enjoyment of life can only be if we have the right attitude for it.

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