These Headphones Can Get You High While You Listen To Your Favourite Music

Get rid of the roll or bong that you’re going to smoke tonight, and make way for the newest sensation that can get high while you listen to your favourite songs.

Nervana headphones electrically stimulate the Vagus nerve which runs down the brainstem and the abdomen and is connected to major organs. The signals stimulate brain cells which produce dopamine, giving an instant feeling of pleasure and relaxation.


This is  a pocket-sized, transmitter-like device that is responsible for pushing out the signals and can be connected to any music player or audio jack which in turn sends electrical impulses to the brain.

Nervana headphones sync the music with the Vagus nerve that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the experience. And since Vagus nerve theory has proved to be effective in treating depression, it seems these earphones are here to serve their purpose well.


The best part about these headphones is that when you flip it over to the ambient mode, it picks up the surrounding music. So, if you’re in a concert, it’ll blend the surrounding music providing you with the best experience of your lifetime.


There is, however, no official claim that these headphones are significant enough to increase dopamine levels. The team behind its making claims that there is no risk of overstimulation or addiction, but they advise to not play the Nervana headphones for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

Click here to learn more about these amazing headphones. Happy tripping !

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