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  • Famous Singers and Musicians Who Passed Away in 2016

    It’s never an easy proposition to predict how the future generations will take the musical eras of today and the past since music is always evolving. Stars get forgotten, stars get worshiped. Perhaps it’s human nature. But it’s also in the human nature that when people look at the year of 2016, they will see […]

  • These Headphones Can Get You High While You Listen To Your Favourite Music

    Get rid of the roll or bong that you’re going to smoke tonight, and make way for the newest sensation that can get high while you listen to your favourite songs. Nervana headphones electrically stimulate the Vagus nerve which runs down the brainstem and the abdomen and is connected to major organs. The signals stimulate […]

  • The power music possesses and its implications on our life

    Music is a language, with or without words, serving as a medium for people from all walks of life to express their deepest thoughts and emotions. the musical experience goes beyond simply listening to it; as an exercise in creativity and as a social activity, music involves considerable emotional and cognitive investment, whether it be […]

  • ACPAD Transforms Your Acoustic Guitar Into Electronic Orchestra

    The world is full of innovative people making a difference. Berlin based musician Robin Sukroso, needed something that would allow him to bring his love of both electronic and acoustic music together. After 3 years of research and hard work, ACPAD, wireless MIDI controller is finally out in the world. The ACPAD allows players to blend both acoustic […]

  • Postmodern jukebox by Scottbradleeylovesya subscribed

    For some reason musicians seem to look more talented in general and pull the oos and ahhs easily from us. Rocking a Youtube channel would be so much easier, literally, if I was one, how I wish? This amazing little band has been attracting so much following since they wrote their first note, be it […]