Postmodern jukebox by Scottbradleeylovesya subscribed

For some reason musicians seem to look more talented in general and pull the oos and ahhs easily from us. Rocking a Youtube channel would be so much easier, literally, if I was one, how I wish? This amazing little band has been attracting so much following since they wrote their first note, be it a cover, when they did. And how refreshing it has been to start and end my boozy days (mostly latter) with them. From careless whisper to sweet child o mine, their jazzy, bluesy vintage blends are heart warming.

Scott Bradlee, the content creator (like us in a way ( we can relate, I guess)) does a great job of creating an alternate universe of pop songs as he says in his site www.patreon.com. People can contribute financially to become a patron that raises funds for the next video (comes out every month). Also visit the site of the band http://www.postmodernjukebox.com. Many artists contribute (including a giant clown) to chip in with their vocal and instrumental repertoire to form a successful channel. What a happy looking bunch? I wish I had learned to play the saxophone when I could. Lets help make music.

Postmodern jukebox by Scottbradleeylovesya subscribed

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