5 Things That Could Tell Others A Lot About Your Personality Secrets

Sometimes we tend to judge people by their attitude rather than getting to know the person. Each of us also has our own unique threshold for functioning under duress, which when reached will result in the debilitation of our functioning. Meanwhile here are few ways in which we can guess a few personality secrets of people.


A firm handshake means a confident personality whereas a weak one means diffident type. If a person gives a handshake with his hand parallel to the ground, meaning he is a dominant and if his hand faces the ceiling, then he is a submissive type.

2. Punctuality

A proactive person and a procrastinator can always be distinguished on the basis of how he meets his engagements and deadlines. A Proactive person will be there on time because he is self-motivated, mentally organised and values  time whereas a procrastinator will be running here and there at the last hour because he has eventually set his ass on fire.

3. Body Language


  • Crossed arms might indicate that a person feels defensive, self-protective, or closed-off.
  • Standing with hands placed on the hips can be an indication that a person is ready and in control, or it can also possibly be a sign of aggressiveness.
  • Clasping the hands behind the back might indicate that a person is feeling bored, anxious, or even angry.
  • Rapidly tapping fingers or fidgeting can be a sign that a person is bored, impatient, or frustrated.
  • Crossed legs can indicate that a person is feeling closed off or in need of privacy.

4. Taste in music

Research conducted by psychologists suggests that knowing the type of music one listens to, can actually predict their personality. Here is a list.

  • Rock/heavy metal: Despite the sometimes aggressive image that rock music and heavy metal project, researchers found that fans of this style of music are usually quite gentle. They tend to be creative, but are often introverted and may suffer from low self-esteem.
  • Pop: Pop music lovers are hard-working and have high self-esteem, researchers suggests that they tend to be less creative and more uneasy.
  • Rap and Hip/hop: Rap lovers are more aggressive or violent; researchers have actually found no such link. Rap fans do tend to have high self-esteem and are usually outgoing.
  • Country: Country music fans are typically hardworking, conventional and outgoing. While country songs are often on heartbreak, people who gravitate towards this genre tend to be very emotionally stable.
  • Indie: Fans of the indie genre are typically introverted, intellectual and creative. According to researchers, they also tend to be less hard-working and less gentle. Passivity, anxiousness and low self-esteem are other common personality characteristics.
  • Dance: People who prefer dance music are usually outgoing and assertive.
  • Jazz, blues and soul: People who enjoy jazz, blues or soul music were found to be more extroverted with high self-esteem. They also tend to be very creative, intelligent and at ease.
  • Classical: Classical music lovers are typically more introverted, but are also at ease with themselves and the world around them. They are creative and have a good sense of self-esteem.
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5. Doodles

Everyone tends to doodle usually while talking on a phone or during boring lectures.Here is a list of what doodles say about a person’s psyche:-

  • Arrows: They indicate feelings of ambitiousness, drive, and motivation. These people are aggressively ambitious.
  • Chains: Indicate feelings of restriction, particularly in a relationship or in a job.
  • Circles: Represents a need to find unity and peace.
  • Cubes indicate a desire to be constructive
  • Dots exhibit anxiety and instability.
  • Eggs symbolize a new beginning. A new talent that you were not aware of may be emerging. Eggs can also show a need and a desire to settle down and build your own stable, safe nest.
  • Eyes: They often show the inner self of the person doodling them. Big eyes have outgoing personalities and small ones are reserved. Closed eyes may indicate a refusal to look inside oneself or happy laughing eyes can reflect how the person feels deep inside. They may be drawn by people who want to be attractive. Many drawn at once suggest that the person feels to be watched by someone.
  • Faces: The expression on a doodled face is often a good indication of the mood or character of the person who has drawn it. A nicely drawn, good-looking face suggests you see the good in others. If you sketch weird or ugly faces, you are probably mistrustful. Comic faces demonstrate a desire to be the centre of attention. Child-like doodles of faces suggest neediness.
  • Flowers: They represent our feminine side, and a desire to see growth, nature, and reproduction. If flowers are in an arrangement, it denotes a sense of family and togetherness. Moreover, drawing flowers also suggest that you might be becoming aware of your own personality and waiting to bloom.
  • Heart: The doodler has love on the brain.
  • Houses or Buildings: These represent the doodler’s attitude toward his or her home life. Houses definitely ought to have doors and windows which indicate that there’s a way for the resident to see out and for others to see into him. A warm, inviting house–one that looks lived in, perhaps with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life. Stark, unadorned or haphazard houses indicate uneasy associations with the doodler’s home life. A house pictured on its own on top of a hill suggests you’re feeling isolated and lonely.
  • Names and Initials: Doodling name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the center of attention. Teenagers often doodle just their first name or the initial of their Christian name, indicating a desire to break away from the family and do their own thing. Doodling someone else’s name, on the other hand, shows they are in your thoughts if it is romantically or because they are a presenting a problem you need to deal with.
  • Lines: Some people just draw lines. If these are drawn with a lot of pressure, they represent aggression and apprehension. The pressure is basically that decides your mood. The lighter the pressure, the more peace you have in your mind.
  • Stars: They indicate a feeling of hopefulness, a looking forward or up to things, and optimism. People who draw clustered stars are irrepressibly romantic.
  • Spider Web: This can symbolize a feeling of being trapped or the desire to entice someone into a particular relationship or situation.
  • Transportation methods: Doodles of any form of transportation represent a desire to get away or to reach a goal.
  • Triangles: These are the second most common universal doodles. They reveal a rational state of mind and a desire to see things come to a head.
  • Trees: They represent our egos and our ambitions, so take particular note of the health of the tree! Trees with leaves and fruit indicate that the doodler associates love, sex, and children together. Bare, drooping branches indicate depression and lack of fighting spirit. Rootless trees may indicate that the doodler feels him or herself be without roots. A tree symbolizes a person or a thing from the past that you do not happen to forget. Moreover, you might fear insecurity and would want to be protected. This might be your feeling if your tree is standing alone. If surrounded by flowers, it indicates happiness and love for family.
  • Zigzags: They show discomfort in life that one might want to escape or are energetic and just desire to get on with things. If it has soft, flowing, curvy lines it suggests a romantic, female approach to things, patterns made up of lots of straight lines, indicate more aggressive masculine characteristics.
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