Here is what you should know about classifications of drones based on size

Drones have been in the market for many years, and they continue to gain popularity these days with the rise of new stunning features and functions of the latest drones. It may seem daunting classify drones, especially when you consider the increasing number of models and brands available today. However, one easy way to categorize this stunning flying device is through its varying sizes, from the big ones to the smallest drones.

The Big Drones

Big drones generally have the same dimension with smaller aircraft used by the Army. The biggest drone has a wingspan quite bigger than ten meters.

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Reaper has the ability to carry both precision-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. (Photo Credit – U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

Civilians can’t buy this type of drone because it is considered as an aircraft. Most of these drones are often equipped with missiles and weapons, so they’re used in tactical attacks.

Medium-sized Drones

Medium-sized drones have a wingspan of five and ten meters. They carry up to two hundred kilograms of weight and are equipped with powerful motors. Since one person cannot carry a medium-sized drone by himself, it is not a very popular choice for a lot of people.

Image Credit – Flickr

Drones in this category are commonly used to transport goods to locations that are remote and are used by the military. It is important to note that these types of drones are lighter and smaller than other air crafts.

Small Drones

The available small-sized drones in the market usually have dimensions between fifty centimeters to two meters. They do not have power motors, which means that they need to be thrown into the air to start flying. Small drones are becoming popular in the market these days.

Image Credit – Pixbay.com

This is due to the wonderful features and affordability of these flying devices. These are the most common drone types available to average consumers.

Mini Drones

The mini drones are the smallest types of drones that can be obtained in the market. They can actually be divided into two categories – the Mini Drones and Nano Drones.

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The smallest between the two are the Nano drones which often have the same dimensions with the size of insects.Mini drones, on the other hand, can reach up to fifty centimeters in length. They also have better features and more powerful electric motors than the Nano drones.

Image Source – Military.com

Both mini and Nano drones are generally used by the military, especially in smaller tasks and in spying because they can reach remote locations and are very easy to maneuver.

Special forces test hummingbird-size drone (Source – popsci.com)

There are also many different models of drones available in the market for ordinary users, especially for beginners. They come with stunning features and unique accessories to match the needs of every consumer. With the technological innovations today, drones have been extremely popular. It has also been said that their popularity will continue to rise in the near future, especially with the advent of new sophisticated features and add-ons. They also have countless applications, which continue to increase and improve year after year.

In the future, everyone can certainly expect to see groundbreaking drones that can do much more than just flying and taking videos and photos.

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